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Known bug : do not scroll down your browser page without pausing the game !

This was made for Ludum Dare 41 in 72 hours !

Theme : Combine Two Incompatible Genres

Visit our subscription here : https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/41/totempo

We went for a musical Tower Defense game :)

Your progress will be saved !

Totempo is a mysterious Tower Defense game with an emphasis on puzzling and musicality. Can you achieve 3-stars ranking on every level ?


Use the mouse to control the game.

In-game instructions :

Select and place instruments from the menu in the upper right corner. You have a limited amount of instruments in each level. Delete an instrument by pressing the cross button above it. You will not be refunded.

Press start to start the next wave. While the wave proceeds, instruments will emit their sounds according to their rythm (on every beat, once every two beat, once every four beat, or never). Select a tower's rythm using the wooden buttons besides it.

The dancing totems are affected by the instruments :
- if the instrument's sound is of the same color as the TOP totem head, it will be destroyed.
- if the instrument's sound is not of the same color as the TOP totem head, a totem head of the instrument's color will be added (with a maximum of four heads per character).
- some instruments are MEDDLERS (light blue, light red and light green) : instead of destroying or adding totem heads, they will add their color to the TOP totem head's : for instance, a yellow meddler emitting sound on a red totem head will produce an orange totem head.

Destroy every totem character within the wave time to complete the wave. If you exceed your time, you will restart the level. Complete every wave to complete the level !


Lucas Ferrantelli - Game Design, Programming

Eléonore Chaumont - Art

A game from the Fun Attic :

Sacha Rivière - Art

Martin Jacob - Game Design, Programming, Music, UI

Big thanks to Léo Marambat-Patinote for help on the save system ! https://twitter.com/pandanym


Some sounds were found on www.Zapsplat.com - free sounds online !

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Alright, the instruments only affect the spot AFTER their spot which is a problem

The concept is nice but the game is out of sync. I keep getting the problem that the instrument manipulates two spots at the same time. The one right in front of him and the one that just past him. This leads to problems like the instrument removing a totem and adding one at the same time, or an instrument giving two layers of paint to a totem instead of just one.

Nic idea overall, but poor execution. In the second wave I wondered why the time was still running: I had a totem which was stuck in the start box and made me lose the game.
Why do the instruments get larger and larger? I can't see anything!

neat concept, amazing music, nice design. in my opinion, this could be so much more expanded upon. hell just by adding a sandbox mode where you make music it'd be more awesome.

TheFunAttic responds:

Thank you very much !!
We only had a few days to make the game so it's pretty limited, but I agree, and wish to expand the concept further in the future. The sandbox mode is a great idea !

Have a good day !

Great concept! The execution compromises the whole experience though. At placing the units, the cursor being hidden make it hard to place it whereas a simple drag'n drop system would work well. The toggle which activates/deactivates the units is way too small and unclear. For a game based on rhythm, the beat seems off, as well as killing the enemies after they pass through the units, instead of at the moment of the beat. I would love to see this game polished in a near future :)