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Hot 'N' Juicy: Between Two Buns (Demo v0.2)

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Author Comments

Our first project, Hot 'N' Juicy: Between Two Buns, is a visual novel about working in a restaurant and dating girls. Our intention is to create an engaging story with great visuals and a large number of different endings and story paths. This will be an 18+ game with H-scenes and adult content, but a PG-13 version will also eventually be released.

This is the 2nd demo we've released.

In this demo you can build up a relationship with:
- Pandora, the girl with black and purple hair
- Penelope, the redheaded girl

This demo adds:
- Days/the passing of time
- Interviews and new story content
- 3 new scenes (2 new h-scenes)
- 1 new song
- Heart meters for the girls
- The option to skip the intro if you've seen it

At this time, you can only talk to one girl per day. Keep in mind that this is just to demo the functionality. The end goal is for you to be able to take several actions per day, but this is just a demo.

To support development of Hot 'N' Juicy, and get early access to content and updates (including HD versions of the scenes), check out our Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/3madtriangles

You can also check out our website to download an offline copy of the demo: http://www.3madtriangles.com

Enjoy and let us know what you think!


5/6/2018: Replaced sketch image file with color version for Penelope's scene, as the sketch was showing up unintended. Other minor bug fixes and adjustments also completed.

4/29/18: Fixed an issue where the variables did not always reset after returning to the title screen.

4/26/18: Fixed a bug where some users saw an error message when speaking to Penelope.

4/25/18: Fixed a bug where users that only hired Patti could not finish Pandora's route.

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Game has good art and is overproduced, which is a nice thing to say about a game but unfortunately doesn't induce enjoyment for the player. "morning again? I guess i'd better go to the restaraunt" is unnecessary and detracts from core gameplay. Just remove it from the game, or have it be lightning fast (both options are fine with me). Dialogue is slow in general, not unenjoyable, but it slows down the game and ruins replayability which should be a serious concern for a game with multiple endings. Like do you really want all the art that you put into the intro to be only seen once? None of these things is unsolvable but as is there's a lot of missed potential here.

Edit: How exactly am I supposed to discover the control hotkey? I'm keeping this review as it is just b/c the updated version is more complete, and I played maybe a day and a half in this version.

Stuck on beginning image, it seems.

black screen I can't even play. is it just me or do you guys experience it as well?

you are keeping the dream alive dude, short but im endlessly proud of you guys

I found a "bug" if you use the mouse scroll the text advances... And a couple of spelling mistakes, but nothing major really. Appreciate the game.