Archelementals of Eiss v1.0 DEMO

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Size of the game is 150 MB.

This online demo has revamped background graphics comparing to the last online version.

In this demo :
- You can play with 6 characters
- You have access to one area only

Full game (download version) :
- It's free for all
- Contains Tutorial
- Windowed mode / Fullscreen
- 28 Archelementals total when unlocked
- 10 areas total when unlocked

What is expected for the next releases :
- Sexy illustrations for each Archelemental
- Bonus areas
- Challenges to unlock Achievements
- Create your own Archelemental and share it with others
- Story Mode

How to play?

In this demo you can explore the level and fight your adversary.

Fighting level :

- Press 'Ctrl button' once for punching
- Press and hold 'Ctrl button' for launching energy missles
- Press 'Down arrow key' once for kicking
- Press and hold 'Down arrow key' for aura attacks
- When you are having sparks all over your essence bar (the Rim), you can perform combat sex. THE OBJECTIVE IN THE FIGHTING LEVEL IS FOR YOU TO FILL ALL YOUR ESSENCE BAR BACK UP, BEFORE THE ADVERSARY.

When in this state, get near the adversary and keep holding down Ctrl and push and pull by pressing Left and Right arrow keys alternatively.

Hirvio transformation :

When you successfully transformed in 3 hirvio spirits :
- Arrow keys moves you around the level.
- Press 'Ctrl button' once to change orders. 'Follow me' is set by default.

Unify the elements :

When you finished first on filling the essence bar (active partner) :
- Arrow keys for moving and fucking
- Press and hold 'Ctrl button' to cum and destroy the anti-essence circles (not available in this HTML5 version)

When you finished last on filling the essence bar (passive partner) :
- You can't choose how to move and fuck but...
- You still can press and hold 'Ctrl button' to cum and destroy the anti-essence circles (not available in this HTML5 version). ULTIMATLY, THE OBJECTIVE OF THE GAME IS TO CATCH THE "WHITE DISK" FLOATING IN SPACE.

Note : The HTML5 exporter has some bugs. Therefore this online version turned out to be full of glitches.
For the stable public download version (PC) visit

Watch the trailer (full game) :

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More content!
And, please, fix this version!

Oranssi responds:

Thanks for the interest but I abandoned this project.

the art and the idea behind the game is really cool!

but right now nothing really works, its a mess of a game, i hope that you continue to work on it and straighten these things out.

the combat is confusing, and i cant get some of the combat to work.
and the hyperspace segment, as it stands, is too annoying to be worth attempting - i cant even finish out the tutorial of it, the orb gets too fast to be able to stay on, it and if you CLIP one of those deathballs, the last 3 minutes of effort just got wasted

Oranssi responds:

Catching the Unity is easy if you use the cum explosions constantly. If the sound gets annoying, just turn it off temporarily :P

Credits & Info

1.78 / 5.00

Apr 23, 2018
4:59 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - VS