speedpaint sakura haruno

April 21, 2018 –
December 28, 2018
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too lazy for description


Good for what it is - a speedpaint with some laid-back music, which made it easy to watch and enjoy.

I just don't understand why the final result of all your work is only visible merely a split second at the end. Yeah, I know, when I spam the Play / Pause key I get to see it, but that's a bit impractical to be honest. I therefore checked your submissions and, sadly, can't find the final artwork there, either.

Since I watched the whole process of creating it, I would have loved to see the complete picture in the end. Any chance that you might upload it anytime soon - or was it a commissioned work and you can't do that?

<deleted> responds:

Hi!The final picture was supposed to last longer, but I forgot to check the end. I usually check only a few seconds of the video to make sure that the speedpaint is not too fast and that's it.

You can find the final picture here:

And no, it was not a comission.

Good-looking speedpaint with ambient music in back! Nice to see all tools being used too.


<deleted> responds:

Thank you!:)


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