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Snow Bunny Adventures: Detention

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Author Comments

Welcome to the fourth episode of snow bunny adventures!

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teacher, that the back companion does not leave me alone! :,v okno XD

I find this shorts good for your style, but could you give context, just a little bit, just a little text.

Captain-Freeman responds:

I am happy to do that my friend :D

Was probably going to give a slightly better review, but based on the creators response to other comments and lack of respect I'm taking away a star. The animations are average at best. Proportions are off in a few scenes and there is very little movement in the breasts. It honestly just looks like a still image was moved up and down with slight changed to the shadow and highlights. As for the creators comment about what to expect for a flash on newgrounds, we have had some amazing flashes on this site that were very realistic in their depiction. There are also far better games out there. I do not mind the four options given to the user, but because the animation is so lack luster it is something that barely even turns me on.

Also, disrespecting your viewers is a very bad way to build a fan-base.

Captain-Freeman responds:

Disagreeing with a review is not being disrespectful, but i see your point

Bad drawing, a few different scenes. Will this game become a actual game later or will it stay like this?

Captain-Freeman responds:

I disagree with your opinion, the animation is smooth and colourful, the character designs vibrant and expressive

its not even a game there is literally no game here unless you call click these 4 options to see not well done moving drawings as its awfull all around cant lie

Captain-Freeman responds:

"moving drawings"

what the hell did you expect from a website that almost universally hosts flash cartoons? and I couldn't put it under movie, because it's interactive, movies don't have buttons like this game has.

something tells me, judging by your garbage review and your garbage whistle, that you'd try to have this flagged as not a game

Credits & Info

2.65 / 5.00

Apr 19, 2018
4:01 AM EDT