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Nick and Hank

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I already uploaded this on YouTube months ago. I just wanted to show you guys what Nick and Hank is. Hope you enjoy.

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The storyboards are alright. The sort of wince that Hank does at :30 is a nice touch, but other than that there's not a lot of value here. It's not even animated, and while that's not a deal-breaker by itself (I'm picturing a sort of slideshow-esque webcomic or something), the poor quality of the images and that weird watermark really let it down.

Don't give up, but definitely think about using better software before you try again.

NickPy responds:

Ok. I'll try to work out the errors.

i can tell you made an effort with it. the main issue with this is the overall quality of the work. i'm not saying go get an art tablet and an amazing computer (because i know that's not possible for some or required to make art), but there are some things i noticed that you could probably improve on right away:
first things first, i see your little power director watermark you got there. so i'm guessing you own a windows 10 or 8 os? if you own anything under 10 or upgrade to 10, you should have windows movie maker preinstalled on your computer. use that instead! it'll make a similar product to this but without the watermark. if you don't have the program just google search free video editing software for windows! test things out and have fun with experimenting. and of course, you can continue using this software if you would like. just trying to help because i had to deal with watermarks and they annoyed me personally.
some of the images are pretty blurry. it took me a minute to read the text in the bubble at 0:44. making sure your images are clear will help your audience out and make the video easier to watch.

anyways, this wasn't a bad concept at all. the execution wasn't great, really. but i've watched your other stuff you have interesting ideas. keep it up!

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2.03 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2018
9:38 PM EDT