Super CYG

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Use left and right to move and up to jump.
Edit: My friend that wants to remain unknown made this some time ago and he let me port this Flash game to Newgrounds because he wants to be known for making this game.


New Poll: Should your death sound be the new roblox death sound?

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EthanF44 responds:

I'll have to ask CY
(press n in the game)

Just like Matpatt said:

" Superb Bario Siblings
You play as 2 spanish electricians traveling trough the Truffle Empire to save Queen Nectarine from the evil clutches of King Trowser."

It's Super Mario. It's literally Super Mario. Except it's not. This game doesn't seem to be any sort of homage, just a legally safe copy. But some of these sprites come directly from Super Mario. It even uses this remix of the original theme that I feel would get pretty annoying if you actually listened to it all the time while playing the game. Also, why are all the enemies just regular people? The graphics don't look very nice. Also, why can't you jump on the bullet bills?
The levels are super short, and don't really have any difficulty. It's mostly just timing. Sometimes the jumps have to be really specific or you'll have no chance of landing. Although, I will give you credit for one thing. Even though the platforming feels way different than Super Mario bros, the controls are actually pretty okay. They're not too slippery, not too stiff. It's way too short also.

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EthanF44 responds:

The reason why you can't jump on the bullet bills is because my friend A**** (Captain Yellow) wanted to make the game "challenging"

Edit: Also the theme doesn't loop

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Apr 16, 2018
10:30 AM EDT
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