Darkness Falls Ep1

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This game follows two police detectives in the universe that my other games take place in (Dreaming with Elsa, Redemption for Jessika, Finding Miranda, and Saving Chloe). The tone is a bit darker than in those games, and there's less nudity and sex, but hopefully I've made up for that with good storytelling. Episodes will be released every other month.

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As always a good game from you and your friend Mortze, and I usually don't like putting 5 full stars because nothing is perfect, but I'll do it only this time because the character we play is clearly older than the other hero of mature/adult game, and you should be congrats to dare somthing like this

The story its preaty good, and the art its excelent.

Keep doing a good job and thanks for upload it with spanish lenguage.

I love the Elsa universe games, and this one is no exception. Each game is great as a stand alone, but it's the little nods and tie-ins connecting them that shine a light on your skills.

Glad to be in the Elsa universe once more (I say that having just discovered the games a couple weeks ago and having devoured them).

Really enjoying the characters so far and they're well fleshed out for how early it is in the story, especially since they don't have the developed cast of the previous in-universe stories to rely on.

Best of luck to the achievement hunters, it took me 2-3 tries to manage it. Focus on the interrogation :)

Really great art and storytelling. I couldn't figure out the achievement though.