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Adult Money: Brothel (v.0.0.4)

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If game slows it might be because of Ads on Newgrounds. Just lift screen up a bit (to hide ads).

Now on hold for some time. Currently working on
Fem Revenge

Early Acess.
Pretty women make men happy. So men with pleasure gifting the some amount of dollars. Great life!
At this version 0.0.4:
5 different poses. 2 client and 2 women worker with random differences (skin tone, hair, clothes). You can buy upgrades at the right to unlock all poses and hire worker.
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You can check my Patreon page:

You can check also my games:
Adult Money: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/709421
Fem Revenge: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/734649

Next verion 0.0.5 Plans:
- Improve graphics
- Improve menus
- New screen size
- Moving and scrolling screen
- Some improvement in animations
- Bugs fixing (mainly in the menus)

Done to this version 0.0.4 :
- 'Censored' stripes to hide delicate areas. Buy uprages to remove them.
- 2 new sexual animations
- Buttons to turn On/Off music and sounds
- Skills for women workers
- Hire and Fire women workers
- Paying % of $ to worker
- Raising % for worker if better skills
- Workers fatigue. Going to resting room and spending time there
- Payment amount depends on satisfaction of clients wishes
- Simple dirtiness of room. Click and pay some $ to clean.

PS.This version contains bugs!

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This needs a LOT of work. There needs to be a way to upgrade the brothel somehow, and the animation leaves a lot to be desired.

goldenlustgame responds:

Yeah! This game is on Hold now. When I find time and money for it I will improve it.
I have some ideas like blackmailing clients (in some not published version you can click on curtains (window). It will go up. Behind that window is working camera. So if there is some sEx with customer you will have materials for blackmail.

not currently for me, but I believe if you keep working on this it could be something good

goldenlustgame responds:

Thanks! I planned to do it big sized game with many different features and many mini games with events.

The exit button in the menu to buy workers does not work!

goldenlustgame responds:

Check it out again please. Just Brothel menu and hiring manager menu looks the same.

Doesn't seem like there's a lot of substance (or any for that matter) to this game at the moment. However, I can see a bit of potential.

goldenlustgame responds:

Thanks for a comment! Yes i is in the early development. I think It will took under 2 months before it could looks bigger and better.

okay I must say that one could easily become addicted to this games, it clearly looks as it's in development due to the chunky animations, mirrored rooms and short music loop but still, keep it up! (pun intended)

goldenlustgame responds:

Thanks for a feedback! Hope next few updates I ll improve grafics)