Trapped with a Shadow

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WASD/Arrow Keys : Move
Q : Rewind
Music by Mytholigist https://mytholigist.newgrounds.com/

You're a little shadow mouse going about your shadow mouse business in the depths of your dungeon when all of a sudden a giant elephant appears.

You want to help him but what can you do, you're just a small shadow of a mouse.


This is my entry for the Construct Jam 2018, I invested every bit of free time I could get but unfortunately it wasn't enough to make a proper intro/title screen and work on the sound design.

Nevertheless I'm really proud of what I've got. This game was an all around first for me - first time playing around with pixel art, first real browser game, first game that is playable on PC, first real game made with Construct 2/3.

Even without sound and a proper intro the game should offer a solid 30 minutes of brain twisting if you like puzzle/sliding games. Hope you enjoy it!


great stuff. the music is kick-arse too. love the dressing of mouse and elephant. v.cool

hoodloc responds:


Yes the music is fantastic, it's by Mytholigist (there's a link under Author Comments). You can find a link to the song ("Lost") on the left under Credits & Info. Give it a vote and a favorite if you like it!

For a "first game" it's amazing !

hoodloc responds:

Thank you!

Full disclosure: I have already worked on and released a few small mobile games. :)

Eh, it's pretty good and certainly challenging, but as the levels get more complex, it becomes more obvious that you had specific solutions in mind, as the elephant gets more and more finnicky about where it goes; darting left or right when you appear behind it rather than, say, forward; or running back INTO you if trapped rather than pushing a block down to remain untrapped.

Besides these issues, it's still a recommended game.

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hoodloc responds:

Thank you for the recommendation.

The way the elefant moves is set in stone from the get go and doesn't change ever (except for the ending). His movement rules are very simple, he tries to

A) run straight away from the mouse. If he can't do that he will
B) try to run right (from the mouse's perspective). If he can't do that he will
C) try to run left. If he can't do that he will
D) run you over.

E) The elefant needs run-up to push boxes. If he stands directly beside a box he can't push it and the box acts as if it was a wall.

That's it.

The way this is taught to the player might be flawed. Thank you for sharing your experience, I'll try to improve this in an upcoming update.

Took me an hour to finish.
Well put together little Mini Mousey game.

The game is challenging but could use more content - other than transporters would be
Mice! ;) Err.. I mean nice!
- Direction changers
- Perhaps more shadows or multiple elephants.
- More unmovable blocks.
- add some cheese! Mice can be attracted to it and move in only 1 way.

For the purpose of your challenge, nicely done in a quick amount of time.

You may be proud good sir, excellent little fun game and I rate 5/5 for this one :)

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hoodloc responds:

Thank you very much!

Some cool ideas you have there! I actually had more fully working and ready to use elements than the ones you encounter in the current version but I was so short on time in the end that building rooms with a wider variety of elements felt uncomfrotable. So I limited myself to the ones I liked the most!

Very wise game I like it,
Mute button?

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hoodloc responds:

Thank you!

There's some stuff I'd really like to add like an intro, options(e.g.mute) and sound effects but since this was for a competition with a deadline and the results aren't in yet I think I'm not allowed to fiddle with it too much!

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3.74 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2018
6:24 PM EDT
Puzzles - Sliding