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Trapped with a Shadow

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WASD/Arrow Keys : Move
Q : Rewind
M: Mute/Unmute
Music by Mytholigist https://mytholigist.newgrounds.com/
"Cave Loop" by mensageirocs (https://freesound.org/people/mensageirocs/ ), licensed under CC BY-NC 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/3.0/ )

You're a little shadow mouse going about your shadow mouse business in the depths of your dungeon when all of a sudden a giant elephant appears.

You want to help him but what can you do, you're just a small shadow of a mouse.


This is my entry for the Construct Jam 2018, I invested every bit of free time I could get but unfortunately it wasn't enough to make a proper intro/title screen and work on the sound design.

Nevertheless I'm really proud of what I've got. This game was an all around first for me - first time playing around with pixel art, first real browser game, first game that is playable on PC, first real game made with Construct 2/3.

Even without sound and a proper intro the game should offer a solid 30 minutes of brain twisting if you like puzzle/sliding games. Hope you enjoy it!

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Very good idea. It's a fresh view for Sokoban-like games. I didn't like the music, after a while it turns boring. In the other hand, the design of the puzzles is fine. It is interesting to see a sort of backstory for this kind of games.

hoodloc responds:

Thank you!
I love the music but I absolutely understand where you're coming from. Tastes aside, in a perfect world every floor would have it's own track so even if you don't like a particular one it wouldn't stay very long.

Now this is a really well designed puzzle game. I have played many hundreds of puzzle games over the years and usually can solve most of them pretty fast, but this one was quite hard and smartly designed. I almost quit twice, but in the end I did solve it. 30 minutes is genius time, I am pretty smart by IQ and still required almost two hours to beat this although I did listen to youtube videos in parallel, so maybe my focus was not optimal. I found the first room of the last level to be the hardest.

I also appreciate that you took some little time to give a story to this, and made at about a mice and an elephant and not just about a block of one color pushing block of other color.

One thing I find missing in this game is a level selection menu and saving of progress, for situations when the player must leave and then would like to finish from the level where he left or just replay a particular level.
Also I would advise giving each level a different color scheme to make it less monotonous, simply changing background color would be enough. And something I always notice - if your engine allows it - make fullscreen a possibility and if it doesn't - consider other engine.

hoodloc responds:

Thanks a lot for the feedback! Happy to hear that you liked the concept and challenge.

Both things you mention, the level select/progress save and more diverse visuals were things I had planned but had to cut to hit the contest deadline.
Whenever I have some free time now I load up the project and work on some small improvements. First things on my list were level design improvements and sound.

I just voted it for monthly best, and I think you will get it.

Puzzle = 10/10, idea = 10/10, execution 10/10.
You ever considered a career in making games? You could improve mass effect, you know...
Just saiyan...

hoodloc responds:

Thank you fuckoffasshole! ... I had to write it.

This is a an amazing game with a nice concept!

hoodloc responds:

Thanks! Happy you like it.

You've done an amazing game. Nice mechanics, nice levels, very good music.
I hope I'll see more puzzles from you.

hoodloc responds:

Thank you!

I too hope that you'll see more puzzles from me because I really love puzzle games.

Credits & Info

3.74 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2018
6:24 PM EDT
  • Construct 3