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Madam De'Monica's Villain Academy

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Welcome to Madam De'Monica's Villain Academy, the most prestigious antagonist training academy this side of the West Coast!


Madam De'Monica's Villain Academy is an RPG/Visual Novel style game where every choice you make directly impacts your fate. The way you decide to play will dictate what ending you receive. You play through 1 day of in-game time, which is 3 rooms.

The bar at the top of your screen indicates your VILLAIN RANK. You can fill this bar up by making inherently mean or evil choices when interacting with other students and teachers. Being nice will lower your rank. If your Villain Rank is too low at the end of the day, you risk failing and getting kicked out.

However, there is some benefit to saying nice things. Interacting politely with other students and teachers will open up new dialogue options. Being a villain is important, but be wary of who you make enemies with...


Use the arrow keys to move.

When a character wants to talk, click the exclamation mark above their head to initiate dialogue.

When prompted with a choice, click the box you wish to select.

If you finish the game and wish to restart, refresh the page.


Wow, I'm really glad to have finally finished this thing. It may not look the best, but with what I was given, I'm pretty satisfied.

The concept, I mean. Using the free edition of Construct 3, I was only able to use 40 events, so in order to make the game complete I was forced to cut back on some cosmetic elements. Construct 3 was a really cooperative software, especially for someone like me who hasn't really made a complete game before.

I ended up making all the art/music myself, so apologies for any of that being unpolished as well.

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i cant get past the one that beats you up

I can't consider this a game and therefore, I can score a star for this.

I did dislike a lot the gameplay. I mean, rather than reading and clicking on exclamation signs, how is this a game? how is it enjoyable? You should really polish the idea, which is however, the only good thing about your 20mins project you posted here.

i got kicked out for being nice XD

music was not unpolished, very lovely

You better keep expanding this project! I enjoy the artstyle and I feel like this could become something good if you work on it, so do!

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3.16 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2018
6:14 AM EDT
  • Construct 3