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This is a project that I stopped working on close to a year ago. Fully finished this would of been a full on adult game. Just thought I would share what we have so it doesnt float into the abyss never to be seen... Thanks!

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the art is good but thats literally the only good thing about this game

Wish there was more, but I understand. Love the art style, anybody know who the artist is?

Your artist is fantastic. I didn't really like the games interface, nor really getting the idea I suppose, is this a dating game? A shop game? Theres not much point I guess to mentioning bugs for alpha games that are likely not going to be released, but I got the quest giver and the blacksmith to show up on same screen multiple times. Talking to the Dren then going back to the customer replays the entire introduction again each time for me. A man at the shop wants a iron tipped spear - and I'm planting flowers.. what the f, am I a florist? Who also sells spears?

Sorry to hear you left this project witylernn... Could have been a real treat for our community. Do you still consider continuing it however or is it gone for good?

Not a bad game, I love the art style and all the characters I have been able to see so far, I think this would of been a really great game once finished and even has the options i believe to open up a second game after for a bigger quest to expand the shop, open a new shop at a different location so that means new people and new area. I would love to see the full version of this game.