Renaine (MK. II)

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Renaine is a game about failure.

Aine, the Phoenix Knight, is blessed with the ability to revive endlessly, but cursed with the impossible task of defeating the dreaded Dragon to avenge her fallen friend, Ren. The quest to the legendary Dragon’s Lair will bring Aine all across the colorful kingdom of Lineria as she tries, and tries again through evolving levels that test her ability to learn from her mistakes. Are you up to the challenge?

We're re-launching our Renaine KS, check out the ridiculous amount of polish and new additions we've made in this complete look at the first world of the game!

Update 4/13/18:
> Lag
> Walking off screen
> Save glitch
> Afterlife text box dissappearing

> New chompy animations
> The gold counter now subtracts when you buy something
> Available gold is now on the afterlife screen
> Roll button
> Up + Attack = Attack 3

> Can't jump out of roll if you're holding down
> Situations with flybugs over long gaps, like the tutorial, are now adjusted so if you tap jump on the EDGE of the last tile you will land on that bug
> Enemies explode quicker
> Mr. Octopus's shop text now appears longer

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I personally like the art style and the gameplay but it is a little scooty and slidey but the dialogue is funny one of the better games on newgrounds

Nice! The platforming feels nice and fast.
Problems I would say is that it can be a bit hard to keep my eye on the player sprite, or notice interactable NPCs or objects until the interact icon appears. Probably because of the amount of black pixels used, everything seems to blend a together a bit.
Also, combat can be a bit frustrating because of how you get locked into a attack animation, locking movement and direction. Makes the game feel less responsive to my key presses.

Other than that, it's pretty enjoyable. I like the music.

Very good game, except there are a couple of bugs that need addressing. The first is when you pay to get revived, the next time you die, the screen turns black and you have to refresh the page to restart the game. The second bug is with the first boss. When you have a chompy with you and you get to the third phase of damage (the one where he activates his projectile weapon), you can't hit his head anymore. You just pass right through him as if he were part of the background.

Really enjoying the happy feel I get playing this. Faced a glitch problem with the afterlife bow however... xD yup you fixed it disappearing but for me apparently it chose to not get off my screen.. never knew fear until you realize you cant see pitfalls lmao

Other than that I had a blast, though I do wish some of the floors didnt "match" the background so much. but thats just a color nitpick I have with games like this haha gets to well you know.

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3.92 / 5.00

Apr 4, 2018
2:07 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG