Renaine (MK. II)

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Renaine is a game about failure.

Aine, the Phoenix Knight, is blessed with the ability to revive endlessly, but cursed with the impossible task of defeating the dreaded Dragon to avenge her fallen friend, Ren. The quest to the legendary Dragon’s Lair will bring Aine all across the colorful kingdom of Lineria as she tries, and tries again through evolving levels that test her ability to learn from her mistakes. Are you up to the challenge?

We're re-launching our Renaine KS, check out the ridiculous amount of polish and new additions we've made in this complete look at the first world of the game!

Update 4/13/18:
> Lag
> Walking off screen
> Save glitch
> Afterlife text box dissappearing

> New chompy animations
> The gold counter now subtracts when you buy something
> Available gold is now on the afterlife screen
> Roll button
> Up + Attack = Attack 3

> Can't jump out of roll if you're holding down
> Situations with flybugs over long gaps, like the tutorial, are now adjusted so if you tap jump on the EDGE of the last tile you will land on that bug
> Enemies explode quicker
> Mr. Octopus's shop text now appears longer


I loved this game a lot and from a musicians point of view, the music was amazing! although, in the underground there is a glitch where I sent a hook shot at a wall in the underground and I got stuck in a block. Otherwise, great game!

I don't know, I always die.. However, graphics are beautiful and the music is fantastic! But how comes I can't switch the game into fullscreen? Have I missed out something?

The Music plays a big part in my enjoyment of this game but over all it's amazing. I got to the first boss and took a few swipes at him, Then the fist came, Then a few more swipes, then the spike ball came and then i got hit and the game crashed. Not sure if its a bug.

Love the game, Would pay to play all of it.

The character design is adorable and simple. I love it.


Very smooth gameplay, and awesome music. I thoroughly enjoyed the feel of this game and felt that the music played into the graphics very well. Everything seemed so.. groovy.

The commentary from the NPCs were always fun and nothing I would have expected. The game has a fresh feel to it, and I feel as though the emblem system encourages me to find out more about the world and complete quests for others. One thing that I will say on this point is that there is no MAIN motivation for playing this game, in that the character does not have a reason for adventuring. Is it to become the most powerful warrior? Or the richest man with all of the treasure in the world? Or is he protecting something? Or...?

Again, really cool music. It's still playing while I'm writing this report (it's boss #1 music). I had the game freeze on me when I died on this boss. Definitely a bug there (maybe I didn't have enough money to resurrect and the code froze because of a condition? WHO KNOWS). Speaking of bugs, the only other one I found was when I had revived myself, the text at the bottom remained and did not leave meaning that I couldn't see the ground floor, which is troubling when I have to be making jumps. Good luck with that.

Overall, you are doing many things right and all the best to you in the expansion of this game or other awesome games!


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3.95 / 5.00

Apr 4, 2018
2:07 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG