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Ruby after class

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After a long day of school, Ruby is wanting to show someone a lot more than just her weapon.

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good work

Okay for what it is. I notice minor clipping, where her fingers are covered by what she should be on top of.

Ruby is my fave girl from rwby cuz she has a freaking sniper

ya need to put more work into your animation.
her movements are precise and robotic.
its just unnatural.
Eyes typically dont move that slowly unless there following something... eyes tend to dart around.
for example you could have her be very paranoid about someone walking in on her by having her eyes Dart around the room and maybe have her look over her shoulder.

Tweaking the interpolation between key frames with the graph editor could do wonders.

A for effort my friend, It's better than what I could do, but it does seem to need work, but practice makes perfect, I think you will improve on this 10 fold!