The Knight and The Killer

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To save the soul of another, A young Knight must face his greatest enemy in order to hopefully defeat them and be granted one wish.

the animation is based off a short story i made while my sister was going through some serious depression. I stated that if i could, i would take all her sorrows and pain, so that she could be happy again. to this day i still feel this way. so i made it into a short film.

Ian kearney: https://twitter.com/COWOXSP
Daraka: https://twitter.com/lilmilakerpants
King Karuzea: https://twitter.com/Thecraftingguru
The frog: My dad
Thumbnail by my sister Autumn: https://twitter.com/wubuwu_
Thanks For Watching!!!

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I really like the background work, and voice work.
The guy ain't really a knight considering he's just wearing a coat or something, but i still like that.
What i really dislike is the design of the villain. It's not fitting with this realistic-ish world. Way too cartoony. Her face in particular. It's just a droplet.
Okay, the Actual design looks way better.
This was pretty good. I liked it!

Getting mild Samurai Jack vibes from this especially one episode in particular, you know which.

Excellent work!

i like what you've done with the trees in the background, how you show a little root jutting out in the bottom it really completes the trees :) nice work!!!

And yet she doesn't wake from her slumber... the ending... powerful. It took a while for that bit to build, and even then we're not sure exactly what that creature is, to be able to grant a wish like that, but the animation and voicing is just masterful. So smooth, and atmospheric. Great work.


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4.04 / 5.00

Mar 27, 2018
2:37 PM EDT