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Escape From The Kindergarten

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ninja xD

And the moral is: When you have a fever you should always leave the teachers who ignore everyone, and go to a doctor, who happens to be your grandmother

Also available on youtube... (R.I.P. Flash)


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It's a good narrative/anecdote, but it feels slightly rushed. If there were a few pauses added between sentences here and there (like paragraph breaks), the listener/reader could have time to properly imagine this scene in his/her mind. It's a very minor quibble, if nothing else, imagine you're telling the story to someone.. at times you'll pause and wait for someone to react or reflect internally, if they haven't already.

The ez animation's okay, though the way the scenes were laid out on the screen, especially w/ the text below, seemed off center in some spots. Flip phone? Guess this did happen a while ago.

Yeah, add a little more time drawing per frame, I don't mind placeholder graphics, but in this case lol, some of the frames were poor. Well told story, generally well paced, graphics lame, but varied enough, what animation there was, was appropriate. 1/2 star extra, because you're in the Discord ;)

Belthagor responds:

I can kind of explain the reason for the fast pacing.

This is a story from my life, and yes I animated it well, but I drew it up and completed it in a short time, so the pacing is kind of... uncaring, not to sound rude. Maybe I should call it: I don't feel like wasting my audiences time by slowing it down, and theres a lack of movement in animation so the pace makes up for that. Most people's attention is highest during the 30 seconds first starting in a short film, animation, song, whatever, and I thought I would get the story out for my audience in an easy to understand, meaning quickly paced animation, to avoid wasting their time despite the basic drawing. Here's the story, okay, you heard it. That's not to say I don't care about views, I finished the project in maybe half a day of rapid drawing including several breaks, I guess I just wanted to get it done, and so did my voice actor who does not want to be credited due to the basic animation, so even though we did our individual parts separately we had the same thought in mind. I didn't have time to really focus on the project, and he read the script quickly so it kind of matched the whole thing. I may find more time and do a well paced, detailed, slowly spoken version of this, a final version so to say. Maybe if a bunch of people request for me to do so, even more so chance of that.

Entertaining story. XD You started early too...


Belthagor responds:


Credits & Info

3.40 / 5.00

Mar 22, 2018
3:55 PM EDT