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Scavenging Dog Ep.2

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This is Episode 2 of Scavenging Dog. Short but here it is

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Nice work!
Your audio could do with an improvement to the mic though. If you need a VA I don't mind throwing in some Pro-Bono work to help out as I have a very good mic and a decent-enough voice for this sort of VA work.

You deserve more traffic this is a stunning series for NG.

mythvision responds:

Thanks! No dialog for the next episode though

you did a great job with this episode. your animation really improved from the first one especially the facial animations, it kind of reminded me of the animation in older adventure game cut scenes and i mean that in the best possible way. also good job making the characters walk normally, I know its hard for animators to get it just right but it can really help in keeping viewers engaged.

there were still a few problems though 1st the audio in the room didn't match up i'm not sure if the ambient noise was to loud or the dialog was to low but its definitely a problem. also their was an inconsistency with the lords dialog between his introduction and the window scene, first his audio was very quiet compared to the mc and he didn't have an echo to him like the mc did which is fine when hes at the window but is very noticeable in the throne room.

other than that I think you did a great job and I still love your art style I really wish more people would take inspiration from classic fantasy art.

mythvision responds:

Thanks for the compliment! As for the sound, its a skill im still working on.

To mention the elephant in the room: audio quality isn't working for the piece of art here...

Second issue is the lightning/colour gradients for the king's face and his clothes. Their relation just stands out, something is a bit off.

You got me hooked on the art tho. It is as they say "the art curbs the imagination" and great Scott the majority of the visuals in here was just strapping <3

the Animation of the guard's head in the beginning is what peaked my attention. Yes please, more of those animation techniques <3

mythvision responds:

Thanks for the compliment and the input, still honing the audio skills :)