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In this game, the player manipulates plants.
Plants can parasitize deer.
By consuming the deer's body and shooting plants' bullets, you can parasitize further deer or fight monkey.
The purpose of this game is not to save the deer nor to annihilate the monkey. It is to move plants.

Play time is about 5 minutes.


It's a very pretty game, but I wish there was more story or more to do. It could be an amazing game if more were added.

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this game is about our changes in society: over time we lose some of our own while in the process gaining more of our kind. this is showing us that what we do is changing everything; plant life may thrive for some or more years (flora), living and mobile creatures will thrive longer until the flora all die and we are off our planet (fauna and flora) the spear throwers are us destroying a species that is new to us and something that will harm us all if we dont act quick enough. all of this will go down into one thing here: our actions have consequences. think of that when you walk down the road and see a homeless person who has no pants or coat and it is -5 F or -20 C outside. i just want all of you to understand. look around you, we are making earth into a machine only world and will be completely decimated by the time of 2200 A.D.. now think of change and what to do. understand how life works and tell me what you think. have a good day and i will come back later for answers for your questions of my review.

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3.70 / 5.00

Mar 16, 2018
3:41 AM EDT
Action - Other