Quadradic Formula = Fun!

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My first ever Portal submission, submitted way back in 2002.

This was a school project for a math class in high school...


Crazy stuff, but very funny

This is the sort of random insanity that works well and is perfect for NG. Crazy music track, mental animation and all round madness. Makes no sense, but that's what's good about it! The quadratic formula is indeed fun!

Sexy gooness

The song : Tunak Tuank Tun

download the mv its fucking hillarious and this movie is sexy goodness, imma steal it and use it if i ever get a quadradic equyation project heheheh of course i will add credits heh


well, since i have a mental problem that makes it to where i dont understand math past double division, and was in resource math all my school life; i didnt quite get that. but hey. you smarties out there did. i guess, with all the reviews. i must be a fucking moron. yep, i guess i am. and why the fuck was a guy cheered up by a math problem?? just adding grocery prices makes me pissed off. one must say that this movie is only understood by nerds it seems. either that or like i said, i am a complete moron. either ay, it is scored low cuz i just didnt fucking get it.

Really FUN

Someone said "the border beeweeen madness and genious is so thin..." ;-)

I didn' understand very much about this movie(that before I read your comment)But the message is simple....Quadratic formula= FUN heheheh

very good job


please hurry up with the mario brothers 3, i cant believe it but im actually looking forward to that like i am to the matrix 3, holy shit i dont know how much longer i can wait!!! haha good movie though, sorry mario brothers 2 just kicked ass so much, haha o yea this movie is aight

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4.29 / 5.00

Nov 26, 2002
11:23 PM EST
Comedy - Original