Quadradic Formula = Fun!

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My first ever Portal submission, submitted way back in 2002.

This was a school project for a math class in high school...



This is some good stuff, that Mr.Marti *wipes tear of laughter from eye* the drawing was really good and it was extremley funny too. C'mon submit more stuff man!

Phantasmagoria-crow responds:

Yea, Mr. Marti... I may do a series on him later on. The Mr. Marti Chronicles! Wouldn't that be something... hmmm... You've piqued my curiosity.


wtf was that i didnt understand it

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Phantasmagoria-crow responds:

Psh! You think I understand it?

Tunak Tunak Tun

Did you know that Kompressor did a cover of Tunak Tunak Tun that predicted the 9/11 plane attacks? Afterwards, he edited out all reference to the attacks, but i think that his version proves that it was german industrial artists behind the whole thing. Probably it was Alec Empire..

Anyway, as for this video, great stuff! What next? All your Trignometric Equivalencies are Belong to us? Heh...

Phantasmagoria-crow responds:

Probably a Pi movie... Even tho I hate math, I will continue with mathematical movies.


This masterful art piece, is the joy of life....The equation itself expresses more then just figuring out Squared variable problem...The artist's true passion of expression can be found from the deep rooted singing of the man (who seems to be filled with diginity and honor)...Its amazing symbolism provides an awe to the audience, absorbing them into a deep trance...The moralistic message providing a true lesson life, shows that this is an true masterpiece....

Phantasmagoria-crow responds:

... thanks for the high score. Best not to read to deeply into it tho... uh...


bler... you're licking ur teacher's balls huh? I once tried this too, I said that math were fun to my teacher so he would give me at least a B... but n0o0o st0opid teacher wanted me to do my homework, wut a bastard! =P =P =P

Phantasmagoria-crow responds:

My teacher is a lady... and actually... she's pretty cute... Uh oh! Naughty thoughts! NOO!

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Nov 26, 2002
11:23 PM EST
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