Quadradic Formula = Fun!

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My first ever Portal submission, submitted way back in 2002.

This was a school project for a math class in high school...



That's all I'm saying.


Haha, THAT was funny.

Ok, now I've seen EVERYTHING.

Math has always been one of my strong points, and the quadraTic formula has never given me many problems. This was the 2nd weirdest idea for a fanimuation-type video I've seen... and overall, well executed. It was very odd, to say the least.

Graphics: They graphics looked pretty solid. The animations were a bit simplistic (in fact, from what I can tell, mostly tweening and zooming) - but the well-done drawing made up for it. 8/10.

Sound: That is a very.... different... song - not the first thing I'd think of when I try to make a movie based on the quadratic formula. It was uplifting and well-chereographed to the animation. Well-done with the sound. 8/10.

Interactivity: ABSOLUTELY no interactivity. No play, no replay... and it wasn't finished loading when it tried to stream on my crappy 56K, so it froze periodicly. 0/10.

Style: One of the oddest things I've seen. I mean, this guy is depressed, and what cheers him up? A dancing guy with the quadratic formula on a sheet of paper! Altough it is somewhat difficult to see exactly how this movie teaches the quadraitc formula... I mean, it dancing the formula back and forth BEHIND a bunch of odd random images. And you could have at least spelled quadratic right... especially since it was for SCHOOL ... Still, I liked the style, weird as it was. 8/10.

Violence: Nothing I saw. 0/10.

Humor: This was amusing in some odd sort of way. I mean, the glaring sarcasm in the movie (A guy is cheered up by the concept of the quadratic formula. Most people I know hate the formula.) and the strange, bouncing objects... I enjoyed and laughed quite a bit.... although I don't know why. Perhaps it can't be explained. 9/10.

Overall: An interesting movie... to say the least. Overall, I liked it - and it was very nice for a movie that only took 3 hours and done at night. Well made. 8/10.

Miscellaneous: I like math. I really don't know why. And for those who don't know, the quadratic formula solves 2nd degree polynomial equations (in the form ax^2+bx+c=0). Nothing much to add here.

Final Verdict: A strange, pointless movie that is fun to watch.... if you are into strange, pointless movies. Maybe you can watch it 10 times and try to learn the quadratic formula. Hard to say. Anyways, I recommend it - even if you DON'T know what the hell the quadratic formula is used for. Nice work. Now do one for the process for solving 3RD DEGREE equations... ;)

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Phantasmagoria-crow responds:

Yea i have to comment on this... This is the longest review any of my movies have ever gotten, I think. I would just like to thank you for taking the time to write it all. I do read all the reviews I get for all my movies, and it's the long ones that I appreciate the most. I wish I could go back and fix up this flash, but its on my old comp and the only way I was able to put it up on ng was through my friend sending me the swf from his comp.
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Thanks for the long review.


LOL That was raw humor at its very best. The indian music simple owns throughout the whole movie. I know how you feel, quadratic formula is a friggin bitch.

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this movie is seriously fucked up, but really good...

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Nov 26, 2002
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