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Bron's Quest - Reasonably Beta! (18+)

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Hi guys. This one's been a long time coming!

Our gamiest VN yet. Also our weirdest. And best-est!

This is a beta / demo (whichever terminology you prefer). Work is still in progress and we have a whole bunch of steaming hot sex scenes not implemented in the game yet. We're hoping to have all of Chapter 1 finished by summer. Support us on http://www.patreon.com/marblesyrup for a bunch of cool stuff (including a beautiful desktop HD version of the game including cheats, for PC/Mac/Linux)

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I'm a bit stuck - after getting the amulet, I can never find Whitney again, not in the village or Oldtown. Also, no way to advance Erin's main quest - again, after getting to Oldtown I can basically take the options to get the poo and cockles and get the amulet from the nemesis, but that's it. What am I missing here?

What happened to Crusoe Had it Easy?

marblesyrup responds:

It was deleted for god knows what reason. Tried asking Tom Fulp why, what to do to get it reinstated, but got no response. The game is still available on our Patreon.

Dope product. Shame marblesyrup is MIA. Anyone know what happened? edit: oh dope they responded. Good to hear that yall are just busy with other stuff instead of gone, excited to see what you'll do next.

marblesyrup responds:

We were scooped up by Sony, they needed a proper system seller for PS5. Seriously speaking, life came in between, but Marble Syrup isn't disbanded, work is still being done.

Really sad what happened to this game, especially considering how devoid of info MarbleSyrup has left their following. It's been so long and still, nothing. Anyhow, I used to think they would be a worthwhile investment, but I'm glad I waited... :/ MarbleSyrup had so much potential... Rip.

Will there ever be a finished version of this? Or maybe it's dead considering how there are no apparent updates.