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Finally! “third person adventure” game vision with classic WASD-controls, moving camera and ability to interact with environment.

It’s an updated version of TPA-build I made specially for you – my Newgrounds Community!

Please – play in a FULL SCREEN mode (F), so you can avoid problems with cursor moved away from active area!

WASD – movement
E – interact
F – full screen mode

It's a 100 MB game – please wait for the download!

Bug fixes and performance improvements:
+ Added a menu
+ Fixed inverted camera
+ Fixed controls
+ Corrected the behavior of the camera at the moment of choosing the answer option in dialogs
+ Fixed camera position in some scenes
+ Sounds were temporary removed to improve performance

Enjoy and leave your feedback, please! It really helps me!
Right now you can try this version for free and then maybe you'd like to try new Big Alpha Release ( https://www.patreon.com/posts/big-release-and-17439207 ) – more content, better graphics, and story intro!


great start . Can't wait to see you expand

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my screen is black, waited 20 mins still black my guess is the game uses pixle shader higher then 4.2

You know what, I have to give this game four stars, even though I have problems with it at this stage.

The problems: 1) The camera goes absolutely wild, for me at least. I've tried the game on two machines, I have difficulty controlling the hyperactive 3D camera, so as even to get around the room. :)

2) I mentioned two machines. With the first, there were glitches - Little flashes of edge as the picture spun. Might it be necessary to specify which media/browser/whatever are optimal for playing in?

3) I know I shouldn't say this, but I'll say it. Roxy is built like a killer. Very fit, very fat-free, sharp. Like a shark.

PERSONALLY, I'd like her a little bit more voluptuous. A few more curves & contours, not quite so "lean, mean, killing machine". Probably just me. But to me, she looks built almost for a sex-disinterested hired assassin game than a sex game (or game with pronounced sexual content). Sorry about how juvenile that will sound. Even worse if I tell you I basically mainly want her to have as much sex as possible (apols) :-O

That being so - and as I didn't get far into the game as a result - how come four stars?

1) Having seen this and its previous build, I have confidence in the developer. REALLY painstaking, a perfectionist, out to create something different, outstanding, special. That is obvious, and I would want to encourage that.

2) The "middle-of-a-scenario" 3D effect is stunning. Scary even. Like moving in the realm of the undead. (It's partly those cold steely eyes, as well! Would put me off my food for a bit ...)

3) Given the previous build (less forbidding, in the senses described above, under the personal nags), I am sure this is going to be very good once it gets to beta, and finished. Potential: great.

4) Given those positives (1-3), I don't think a negative review is fair, as this is after all a free gift, offered with generosity by a very good creator.

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Whoreizon responds:

Wow!! Thank you so much!! Wow... I am embarrassed a bit^^ I'll try to do my best and thanks for you suggestions!

Character has no lips, nor pubes, which makes the game useless already to me (and the animation is not great either, like in the showering scene)

Whoreizon responds:

'Cause of certain limitations in WebGL-files I had to decrease textures abd lighting quality. You could try desktop build with better perfomance and textures^^


needs bigger tits

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Whoreizon responds:

You could try Body Morph release with much bigger tits ;) https://www.patreon.com/posts/body-morph-free-17509132

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3.12 / 5.00

Mar 13, 2018
5:47 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG