Whoreizon: TPA Build

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Finally! “third person adventure” game vision with classic WASD-controls, moving camera and ability to interact with environment.

It’s an updated version of TPA-build I made specially for you – my Newgrounds Community!

Please – play in a FULL SCREEN mode (F), so you can avoid problems with cursor moved away from active area!

WASD – movement
E – interact
F – full screen mode

It's a 100 MB game – please wait for the download!

Bug fixes and performance improvements:
+ Added a menu
+ Fixed inverted camera
+ Fixed controls
+ Corrected the behavior of the camera at the moment of choosing the answer option in dialogs
+ Fixed camera position in some scenes
+ Sounds were temporary removed to improve performance

Enjoy and leave your feedback, please! It really helps me!
Right now you can try this version for free and then maybe you'd like to try new Big Alpha Release ( https://www.patreon.com/posts/big-release-and-17439207 ) – more content, better graphics, and story intro!

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Your games are a bit difficult to control. Especially with the inverted vertical camera

~ Good game! I don't think the graphics needs to be improved further (current graphics is enough for me). What I would suggest however, is that try to focus on adding more to the gameplay:

1. More choices
2. More things to interact with/to
3. More situations you can get into
In short: More things to see!

Once those are done, then you can focus on making it an eye candy.

Overall, 4/5 stars 'cause it's incomplete, but you're on the right track my friend. Good luck!

Whoreizon responds:

So sweet!! Thank you so much^^

I like it so far. The camera controls are really weird but otherwise it looks nice. I dont know if anyone has mentioned this but it seems like you don't want her leaving the locker room naked but if you don't advance the text box it gives you when you try to leave the locker room you can move past the door and back into the gym area while completely naked.

Whoreizon responds:

Oh, thank you for your feedback! And I'll fix this bug in the next release^^

Neat looking game, but I cant get into it because I cant relate to the male character (I'm not black)

It's a good proof-of-concept. The writing needs work (I get the feeling English isn't your first language) and the camera is a bit too sensitive. Roxy's hair changes color depending on what room she's in, and the black screen at the end leaves the scene partly visible at its edges.

Also; if you start masturbating in the shower but then stop before Xavier shows up, her face will get stuck like that.

Whoreizon responds:

Thank you for your feedback! Good tips – I'll fix this.