Minotaur Spitroast

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I´ve made a new version from my first animation. I spent 2 month making it so I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

I get a good software to make animations and I´ve learned many things while creating this mini-movie. Searching and editing sounds was a very hard part of the making, I hope they´re good enough and fit with the image :P

Nothing more... really hoping to know your opinions. Also you can visit my tumblr, there I upload many sketches and previews. See you!


honestly, I was HAPPILY surprised...IT WAS BEAUTIFUL...THANKYOU...XD

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I actually rather enjoyed this clip, more than I should have...

The animation is pretty good and who doesn't love a messy creampie at the end?

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I enjoyed this, the animation was smooth and visually interesting, the music was nice and the sound effects were especially well done. The topis is also one I often enjoy

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I'm always fascinated at how in animations girls have vaginas that go up to their rib cage and can accept amazingly oversized dicks without tearing. Also, from what I learned in my human anatomy class today that deep throat shouldnt be possible either, as the adams apple couldnt expand that far and her lungs and throat would be trashed, and thats if her throat didnt explode entirely. Still, it was entertaining to watch. Good job

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I'm so Glad to see someone who hasn't been making animations for to long take their time to do something good instead of releasing trash and hoping to get those undeserved likes and ratings because they made something even though there were some small detail errors I give it 5 stars keep it up please

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DeepStroke responds:

Thank you, I apreciate it very much. I putted much efford on making the video, and now I notice some mistakes, but if I try to make it perferct and spend much time correcting it I will never advance. Now I´m starting to make another animation. I dont know if I´ll be capable of make what I want (because it is very complex for me), but I think thats the way to learn and get better. Wish me luck :)

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4.02 / 5.00

Mar 13, 2018
4:05 PM EDT