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During halloween, two kids decide to "trick or threat" on a abandoned house..

Twitter : https://twitter.com/qelindent


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this is pretty good! one thing though, the backgrounds aren't bad, but i feel like you could've made them better, specifically in the 2nd background where it shows the trick or treater in front of the camera and the other dude behind him on the sidewalk, it looks too simple compared to how well you can draw cars from pretty much any angle, maybe consider giving your backgrounds more detail and perspective. Other than that, this toon was pretty good, keep it up!!

Did you find a backup? Uncorrupt the file somehow? Glad you got it sorted out, whichever the miracle method, turned out to be a pretty fun short! Just that audio bit at the beginning: it really clips! Happy Belated Halloween!


Good animation, half-decent jokes. Watch you audio levels, some voices are ear bleeding and others are hard to hear.

So what happpens now that the spirit of halloween is dead?

Glad you got the file saved! This was wicked cool!