Judy Hopps Carrot Fuck [prototype]

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This is my first attempt at making an H game. It took less than a week so it's a kinda bad, but it is a good proof of concept for my newer project.

Anyways I hope you enjoy because it was fun to make, and please consider donating to my patreon if you want to see the next one!


Disclaimer: It may take a bit to load after you press TAB. I don't know why this is but if it happens to you, reloading the page seems to help. Sorry for the potential wait!

Second disclaimer: If you click out of the window, the game WILL unfocus and stop loading. I thought I had a 100% stall issue but it turns out I am just kinda dense.


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tab doest work for me

HPop responds:

yeah the game is broken and sucks

I like this, and there is the hopeful promise of additional stuff!

examples of things you could consider: her hands (maybe she is rubbing her clit? idk but maybe a similar position but with her hands?
Her smile or facial expresions? Her smile isnt too creepy, but i prefer a little tounge or ahego faces.
Maybe her clothes? This looks like a regular rabbit, but if you put her in her "parking ticket officer hops" or her "rabbit farmer" clothes, we can see the resemblance.

i still enjoyed this, so dont take it the wrong way. Just want more i guess. If this is your first H game, then cant wait for the next one

HPop responds:

Meter maid and carrot farmer costumes will be in the next one lol!
And thank you for the feedback!

it could definitely be better and her smile creeps me out too much to be sexy
but with what you have got your in the makings of a good one... not quite there yet.

HPop responds:

100% agree, and thank you for the fair review!

Pretty good for such a quick project. I'd like it better if she had more furry parts so she looked more like a rabbit than a human with weird ears and nose!

Don't get discouraged. You offered two selections, the orifice is common, but I found the face selection to be something not often seen in these games and makes it stand out a bit.

HPop responds:

I'm too dumb to ever be discouraged! And thanks, glad someone appreciated that feature :)

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Mar 8, 2018
8:29 PM EST
Simulation - Other