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HC is an unholy combination of farming matchgame with porn where everything is possible... even some weird stuff... mainly some weird stuff.

Thank you for the support, we really need it!

Q1: I just started the game and I don't know what to do...
A1: There is usually at least one active quest that needs your attention, you can find it under Player's screen: Quests

Q2: How do I get items?
A2: Items can be found in boxes in matchgame, but can also be bought in shop, produced in lab or workshop.

Q3: How do I get a box in matchgame?
A3: Boxes are created when four or more tokens of aligned. To extract the box, you need to align it with two other tokens and win the game.

Q4: Is it possible to upgrade the created box?
A4: YES! If you align it with four or more tokens, the box gets improved! So, you can easily upgrade copper box into a silver one, etc.


I actually like the game quite a lot :D sure, i failed 2-3 times before I figured everything out (how to get money, lower libido, etc.) but after i did the game made much more sense. Wont spoil anything since dev obviously wants us to figure out ourselves, but i'll give you a hint: matchmaking game can solve all of your problems, in one way or another

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hornyclinic responds:

Hi and TY for the review! It is always good to hear that ^^ Anyway, the dev version of the game is now much easier to understand and much easier to beat; so hopefully, more players will be able to enjoy themselves. TY for the review and playing!

This game is very interesting. Its a simulator/date with match it minigames and time managment. I cannot devote too much time atm, but i look forward to testing it out.

Like you said in multiple comments, a tutorial is on the way. I just want to find a way to progress the time without losing track of where the girl is. I literally click to move the time 1/4th ahead, and have to go back to the map just to find her.

Also, is there a way to restart when i get the game over screen? i dont really want to reload the whole page just to start over again.

i do look forwatd to seeing more, and figuring out what each room does. Currently i only had emma, but i hope to see more characters soon (again, didnt get enough time to really explore, SO no spoilers please. just wanted to put my rating in

hornyclinic responds:

Hi and TY for the review!
ad1. That is an interesting point. Presently, there is no other way how to follow the girl but by using map. Ideally, player should be able to switch between the current behavior and following the girl. Not sure how can I implement this, but I will try to figure out anyway.
ad2. This is a fail on my side, in the current public version you need to reload. It is already fixed in the dev version.
ad3. Yup, there is more than one girl already :)
All in all, TY for the review and playing!

Great Concept. Right now, the game is a bit difficult because the progress is over a year and there isn't a way to lower Libido, or at least not that I know of. I see that there are Fertility and egg production... Does that imply that later, down the line there will be pregnancies and...?

hornyclinic responds:

Hi and TY for the review. Actually, the libido is extremely easy to influence. I am not spoiling here, but if you don't figure it out, send me a PM and I will give you some tips ;) Pregnancy, perhaps, but the egg production is useful already, you can extract the eggs from girls and sell them for good money ^^ TY once more for the review and playing!

Hi, game has good potential for sure. But:
1) You really need tutorial covering "how do you get items and upgrade the rooms" "how do you work with contractors" "how to get your first money" "how to upgrade boxes in match 3" "how to influence girl's stats" "how to improve your character" "how to do research" and some others
Figuring it out by myself took a couple of hours and one complete restart. Well, it is ok for me, but it is a reason for some people to dislike your game.

2) Interface should be more friendly. In research, player should be able to tell what is research for. What does research unlock or allow to produce. Same thing about rooms/jobs. Player should be able to see which stat does the job/room improve

3) I don't know how it will be later, but first days, when the only reliable way to earn money is to play match 3, are taking a lot of time. I'm still haven't passed first month mark and still need to purchase a lot. Because of that, game feels eventless and slow at the beginning.

4) When i filled all relationship counters - i expected something as reward. I hope you are considering to add the animation or at least a picture for that.

5) When I played the game in small size (I mean the size that you can change by ctrl+ or ctrl- in most browsers) some text layered above other, making it impossible to read

That is all i want to mention for now. I'll probably PM you after finding smth else

P.S. Does "Human research" mean that there will be aliens in the game or is it just a joke?

hornyclinic responds:

Hi, TY for the review!
ad1. Great! I love to hear that you figured it out by yourself! The feedback from the players is clear and the complete tutorial is on its way ^^
ad2. I actually have a few good hints from players in PM about the research. I am not sure whether you should know the complete results of the research beforehand though. In real life, you never know what a research will bring, you can have a guess (and you can guess in the game as well from the title). In some games you know what research will bring, in others you have no clue. I would say there is no consensus about this in the developer community. I think I will leave this open, for now, and see what the future will brink.
ad3. I agree with you that the game-play might seem slow in the beginning. Please, if you have any good idea that would change this fact, send me a PM. The problem here is that if you allow the players to get 'cheap money' in the start, you will ruin the economy for the future. Most games solve this by enormous price increases over the game time, like, for instance, simple bra will cost you 10 credits, advanced bra 1K credits, and unique bra 10M credits. The truth is that already, you can make well over 1M credits in the first two months, the second optional quest was originally 'Million credit babe' and I was still able to beat it. Simply put, there are many ways how to make money, if you are interested in mechanics, send me a PM, because I am not spoiling here :)
ad4. that is a great point! The idea is that the graphics will change already during the matchgame. Unfortunately, the art costs a lot of money, but fear not, one day, it will be there ;)
ad5. again a good point, but I don't think there will be any change here. It would be impossible amount of work to make the game available in various resolutions. If the flash does not implement scaling correctly (and as far as my knowledge goes, it should), there is nothing much I can easily change about it, sorry.
ad6. aliens? uhm, perhaps... but SOMETHING is definitely lurking just beyond the corner :)
TY for the review and playing ^^

I absolutely don't know what i'm doing here.
Sure, the mach tree game is kind of self explaining. But only always. That is the target? What are the boxes? What happens if i can't score enough points within the number of moves?
Also, the dating is (in my mind) kind of unbeatable. Looking at the numbers, the average score is negative (3x +1/ 3x -3 = -1 on average). And don't say i could try to avoid the negative symbols. Sooner or later i have to use them simply to get some new ones to the field. And since it seems to result in a heavy penalty when I'm loosing (afaik not hitting the score), it's not even worth trying it.
Next are the rooms. That are they for? On some i can do stuff, or, to be more precise, could since everything is greyed out. What are them for, if i can't use a single one? Well, except on the storage room. But selling and buying stuff didn't helped me out at all.
And last bit not least, the quests. Keep the libido under 50. Well, how the hell should i do this, if it takes me couple of ingame days to rise the chat bar to 500, just to lose 1/3 of it after failing the first attempt of dating? I simply can't do anything else with her at the moment than chatting, and that doesn't keep here libido low at all.

This could be a cool game with a nice theme, but please, make sure it's playable (at least parts of it) before uploading it here. Well, at least if you're hoping for a nice score.

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hornyclinic responds:

I am sorry to hear all that.
ad1. if you don't hit the score, you won't receive any boxes (containing items) that you might have won while aligning 4 or more tokens of the same kind. Also, if you lose, she will like you less (chat/seduce/sex value removal).
ad2. your logic is sound, but is not actually right, because you don't have all the data. You can influence those numbers by leveling up your skills (the skill list is on players screen). So, first 6 skills listed (chat, muscle, joke. etc.) can help you chatting with girls, the other 6 seduce, and the last 6 sex them.
ad3. Generally speaking, some rooms require workers while other rooms require items. For instance, the lab, research, and workshop require a worker; you need to assign girls to it to enjoy the benefits. Go girl screen - timetable and assign the girl, for example, to the workshop. Each day part, she produces some workshop hours depending on her skill, room level, etc. You can use these hours to produce items later on.
ad4. You can lower her libido by masturbation and anaphrodisiacs as well.
ad5. I think that the game is actually playable, but the mechanics were not explained at all... I thought that the players would enjoy figuring things out, but that was bad thinking on my part! The tutorial development is already on its way ^^
All in all, ty for the comment and playing!

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Mar 8, 2018
7:20 AM EST
Simulation - Dating