Throw Ice Cream

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This game was originally made for Android. If you liked this WebGL version, (I recommended you to-) download the Android version from Google Play (it has Leaderboards and Achievements powered by Google Play Games):

Throw Ice Cream is a carnival booth where you throw ice creams at targets. Get entertained with colorful and splattering ice creams at every hit.

Includes a booth for throwing ice creams, ice creams in different candy popping flavors and delicious but explosive donuts to avoid. Also includes online high scores.

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It's really addictive!

One thing I'd improve is the tutorial. It's a bit too subtle - I only payed attention what was on the screen before doing any movement. I didn't know there was more information after that until on my 3rd attempt. Maybe you could inform about the hazards right before the player has to face them, and make a better contrast and placement for the text.

Still there's harmony on the visuals and music, as well they stand out really well on themselves alone. Gameplay is as simple as responsive. Did you make all this by yourself?

ToadieTechnika responds:

Thanks for the comment about the tutorial. I am glad you got the game at any way. And yes everything was made by myself :D

I think the game is good for what it is, a nice little time-waster. I don't have any friends to compete against, so my enjoyment may have been dulled.
I did find the game fun, mind you. It's incredibly simple to play, but you have to pay attention in order to improve upon your high-score.
What I would have liked was a slider to lower the game's music volume. Also, there seems to be some sort of imput error when a new ice cream cown spawns. You have to wait half a second or something before you can use it, otherwise the game doesn't register your command and you risk losing a lot of time, which is hard to refil.

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2.77 / 5.00

Mar 7, 2018
6:09 AM EST
Skill - Toss