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Hello guys!
I'm proud to present the project I've been working on the last months: The Teacher's Law.
I've tried very hard to not make it just a regular sex game, but fill it with an intersting story and lovable characters. It's my first game, so I'm super interested in your feedback. So tell me what you think!

Also, if you liked this game, consider supporting me at:
This game is free for all to play, but there's a secret ending only for my supporters. Enjoy!


Loved this. Got the ending with Ayame the first time, then I worked on getting the other endings...

...except for the "Forced One". I only went with the option for it for the gallery images and went straight back to the title before it could even get to that ending. All I've read is that it's surprisingly dark, and if Undertale is anything to go by sometimes going for seeing everything isn't always worth it.

Still, I enjoyed the game and it's surprisingly well thought out story. Only criticisms I have are ones that have been mentioned already. Mainly the writing for the narration and dialogue and the lack of lively animation.

Got the Patreon version, and the extra ending and scenes are worth it for the small-ish amount you pledge for it.

Very well done! ;)

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Okay first of all, hikari ending 1. Sorry.i'm just an empty carcass 2. yes i'm ready 3 Don't worry, Hikari 4. Go back to bed 5. touch her 6. What about Hikari? 7. Enter 8. Go back 9. Resist 10. Tell Hikari you love her

your Aunt 1. I NEED TO UNLOAD NOW! 2. Well, I'm kinda sleepy. 3. Wow, you're screwed 4. Go back to bed 5. Touch her 6. You're looking good today 7. Go back and study 8. Resist your urges

And second of all, I loved the story, and most of the character's personalities but, I didn't like how the sex scenes were done, but you're a step in the right direction plot-wise. I hope you improve more with the cutscenes.

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I really enjoyed the game but a save mechanic would really help. I'm guessing that the last 2 images are exclusive?

Very enjoyable game, thanks to metalzylerjam's review/guide to unlock the good endings. It's surprisingly difficult to get the correct endings without someone else telling you how to do it.

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Great art, good story. The writing at times felt... off, as if English wasn't your first language. And where did you get the music and sounds? Both the heart beat and the crowd noise sounded like they were ripped from Katawa Shoujo, which is a bit worrisome. I would 4 stars, but the lack of a save option, the lack of a log system for rereading text you might have accidentally skipped, and the lack of ability to hide the text box made the experience a bit user unfriendly. But hey, 7/10 is pretty good, especial for someone's first game.

And for the writing, it'd probably be good to get someone to read through the script to point out any odd phrasing and offer corrections. It never hurts to have a editor.

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3.36 / 5.00

Mar 6, 2018
7:36 PM EST
Adventure - Other