(+18) The Teacher's Law

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Hello guys!
I'm proud to present the project I've been working on the last months: The Teacher's Law.
I've tried very hard to not make it just a regular sex game, but fill it with an intersting story and lovable characters. It's my first game, so I'm super interested in your feedback. So tell me what you think!

Also, if you liked this game, consider supporting me at:
This game is free for all to play, but there's a secret ending only for my supporters. Enjoy!

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Im a supporter. how do I get the supporter content? It just redirected me to the patreon

Babusgames responds:

Hello and thanks for your support! The full version of the game is posted in my Patreon page. If you struggle to find it (as right now I've published a lot of different games and builds) just send me a private message in Patreon and I'll send you the link!

This game is good, but some might find it hard to go through the gameplay, Just go through the game.
Cousin's room- peek and leave
Aunt's room- touch her
enter cousin's room- approach her and fuck her
Exam day- raping her will grant you two scenes or compliment that she looks good and wait till the end for 4 sex scenes.
Aunt's room- *slow down, if you are skipping* talk to her slowly and fuck aunt 4 scenes.
Sorry that I don't know what the other 4 scenes are.

ugh, such a pain. at this point im certain the final 2 are for supporters. ive reached both "what about the other one?" points, yet they just end in failure or withhold an option. it isnt a bad game, but it got tedious to press "skip" and wait for the options to appear once i saw every individual line simply hunting for the last few CGs. if it was just more clear. yes, they are a different color, but combining it with them being the last 2 slots gives the impression they are that way because they are the best ending(s), the canon ending(s), or ones locked behind seeing most of the routes to completion. simply putting hover text or writing it out over the lock make it more idiot proof.

to get friendly teacher route, grope her in her sleep, catch your cousin, and ignore her room after.
for friendly cousin, dont catch her, walk away after talking to her
neutral is simply fail both friendly routes without going evil
evil is use the law
seduce cousin is approach her in her room

LOve your game though, I've done several runs and still haven't unlocked all non pay to get cgs... is there a guide to get all the images? all I've gotten is bad end and generic end... is there any other endings? I'm guessing you have to be a pay player to unlock other routes? If so then that is way to big of a cock block restriction, dangling scraps in my face to support your game doesn't do anything when I can buy complete porn games on steam for $5.

Babusgames responds:

Glad you liked it! Nope, the pay players only unlock the last two cgs: all other routes are unlockable, but they might be difficult to get. I'm sure someone has posted a walkthrough somewhere though!

For a short sexual visual novel type game, this had a very good story. I found myself taking the time to actually read rather than skip all through it to get to the scenes. I'm quite impressed and depressed at the ending.

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3.47 / 5.00

Mar 6, 2018
7:36 PM EST
Adventure - Other