Hexamaster: The Beginning

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Hexamaster is a game combining cards, risk, territory control and visual novel.

Discover the universe, fulfil the book of species, conquer the galaxy and compete against anyone, anytime, anywhere.

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Graphism, sound, music and ambience to the top.
The cards system offers a lot a strategical combination.
Love it.

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Need to improve the tutorial(some mecanics probably need more explanations), but great potential!

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So, completed the short demo.

Immediately noticed that you desperately need to have someone look over the writing for grammatical errors, typos, and sentences that just don't sound natural. It feels like a lot of it was translated from another language. There are also some pretty obvious bugs in even the tutorial fight, as the NPC claims to have taken one of my cards, when he hasn't, along with a "combo" seemingly not working properly as intended.

However, after that and the player is confronted with an actual opponent, the gameplay itself does have strategic potential and I will admit to being engaged and having fun playing it.

As for the artwork, it's fine. The character designs aren't particularly memorable, seemingly just being "steampunk" in aesthetics. It was also a bit disappointing that you could barely make out the artwork that was on the cards, which seemed a lot more interesting.

So, yeah, find someone to check the writing and spelling because I almost clicked out because of it. Good luck in your Kickstarter.

Inateno responds:

Hi FlammaMan.
Thanks for your complete feedback.
There was indeed a lot of mistakes in the translation, I asked the wrong guy. It should be okay now (I readed it, seem fine to me but I'm not native English).

About the bug in the tutorial, I fixed it too, it was a little bit tricky to find and my testers didn't found it too so this was completely unexpected.
I locked the card when the NPC is talking, so this problem should be gone (I tried to break the game in many ways before publishing again).

If you could please try again the tutorial and tell me if it's ok and understandable now?
Many thanks.

Nice game !

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Very promising, I've only made a few duels for now but I can see how deep it can get! 10/10 Will play again.

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3.33 / 5.00

Mar 6, 2018
2:06 PM EST
Strategy - Other