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March 1, 2018 –
March 1, 2019
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Life in a Box takes place in Boxland; a small square-shaped island off the coast of the UK. It follows a man named Box, who is an average guy that likes to stay home playing videogames and he lives with a talking cat named Spaghettius.

Little does he realize, there's more to this talking cat than meets the eye.

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this is really funny and well animated. overall good job

Was thinking how strange it was at first that the cat was lipsynced but the box man wasn't...but when you see his mouth under it it all makes sense! It's a box, after all. Just the first impression I got... otherwise this was awesome. Smooth animation. Tons of random. Totally new premises for an animated show! I'll be looking forward to it.



Wow I must say this is really looking good I will for sure keep an eye out on the series you are working on I love the voices in this I love the characters the detail in backrounds and different scenes uou go into I could really see some subtitles just because but you have an amazing series here that I would love to see more of so keep up the great work

Just some subtitles but even without it's great


rocket dog the sequal

Well done sir!

I would watch this show. Pretty funny how they live in a pile of cardboard boxes.

This looks good I want to see the series

Smooth animation, interesting backgrounds and I'm intrigued to see more.

<deleted> responds:

Thank you! We'll be sure to continue being hard at work, producing the best content we possibly can.


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