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My first attempt to do something like this. Since I'm new, creating time was 7 hours

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you do know that there is the NG Dump for animations like these, right?

Unexpected twist at the end! Though it does end pretty... abruptly. Until that point smooth and just like Madness should be though. Good start.


this took. 7 hours...i lost hope in the madness community. by the way, Can you give us a reason WHY this ATP randomly betray his men?

Durius responds:

It was just an experiment. The plot doesn't make sense

You really need to practice for a while and upload something after you've improved. Trust me, I was right where you are now, but dude.... You need to make something better than this for it make it. I'm sorry.

Just so I'm not a huge asshole though, I'm gonna give you some pointers.

Animation wise, I'll be honest, it wasn't bad. Albeit it was way too direct and needs work. Follow through and Ease-in/ease-out will help you there. These are real animation principles, google them.

Sound wasn't bad either, if your sound samples are in .mp3 then open their properties and check the box that says "use imported mp3 quality". -- It should be right belod the drop-down box. If they're in .wav however, then open the properties and set them to Raw in the drop-down. I've always been able to get great sound quality this way.

You also need to work on some of the effects though, adding blood sprays won't hurt. Maybe a soundtrack if you're doing a big project. -- Use designated layers for sound and for blood too, and separate your characters into layers aswell, Putting effect layers like blood and muzzle flash above the actual characters themselves. This makes animating Madness much easier.

I hope this helps you, you have potential if you stick with it and don't give up. Keep practicing.

It's just bland Madness. At least try to create something new.

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Feb 27, 2018
2:48 PM EST