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Kerrigan -= Innocence =-

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A short poem about my character, Kerrigan, set to music. Written by me, showing my soft, sensitive side...

Well, I desided you summit this movie to NewGrouds, just so all my cartoons are here. Its rather old. It's nothing special, just an excuse to try out a animation effect really. In fact its so simple it lacks a proper loading screen but its so small it dosn't really matter.

Anyway, I was requested by many people to summit this so here it is.

Update: I want to thank everyone you enjoyed this movie for what it is: a short, touching poem... not a mindblowing piece of animation. Not everything summited to this site needs to be pure gold.

***Flash Movie #4***

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Wow, that really was sweet. We're not used to using that term casually. I had no idea what this would be. It's great that you showed such good animation at such an early stage in your career. I would call this a career. It's so honest.

I even like the "Innocence" name. You rarely see stuff this sincere. We need more of it. It's great that you get even better later. The artwork seems so different already.

That is a great poem.

It was really good.

hmmm ^^

Kerrigan is my favorite,shes so cute^^


This is nice, man. Kinda sweet.


I really liked it Froggy....tis very good....can i get one about ark now?!