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FairyTail Fight

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Challenge master and fight other characters

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For starters, I really like the idea of this game and the sprites and interface are very nice.

However, you really need to revamp the combat. The way it is now it is mostly just doing the same button over and over again to win.

The first thing I would suggest is expanding your character's skill set. Not just by adding more Skills to everyone except maybe Lucy, but to make the skills more unique.
When I used Aries I hoped that it would be either a shield, a heal, or a buff. However as far as I know every skill is a damage skill, so there is no reason to use anything except the skill that does the most damage. Natsu and Grey basically have an attack that costs Mana since I don't think you have any Elemental effects. Erza simply has no skill at all.
Try working with Buffs, Heals, Debuffs and Damage skills that have varying effects based on the situation, so that you can choose different skills for different occasions.

Not a bad game, even though it froze on me in my second attack. Lack of attacks I see as well, Natsu only fire and Gray only fire while Lucy has 6 different attacks. Over all pretty basic and something fun to play to kill time.

Really digging the classic RPG-like interface! And all the trademark FairyTail elements are there too! A few things that bug me are how the characters move out of view when they attack, howthe quality seems somewhat fuzzy - like sprites aren't their natural size, and that the character highlight for you to attack isn't all that 'visible'. Seems the animations lag a bit during attacks too, but I suppose that's just my hardware limitations at play. Overall this is great. Got quite a bit of nostalgia; fun, though wouldn't mind some story too, so you really immerse yourself in the fights you're about to take part in. Looking forward to the full version! :)


Like the previous comments this game requires work before it can score higher and be appreciated more. The idea is solid and with a few additions can be a popular game. I only played against a few characters so there might be differences in the later stages of this demo compared to what I observed.

Some of the pluses of this game is:
- definitely the animations and the music, the title screen's music fits and is quite catchy.
- also the loading times between screens and battles are very short which is good.

the obvious cons are:
- since the game is unfinished and still a demo with no obvious progression, the player can feel bored since there is no progression or range of abilities to select from on some characters. Erza having no magic is a starting point that could be fixed.
- since there is no progression the levels don't mean anything other than an increase in health and damage. Adding new spells say every 5 levels they gain the use of a new spell would be a welcome addition.
- There are slight bugs of Aquarius's water action being cut halfway across the screen and the characters past midnight not causing any damage to the players characters.

Overall this game is a solid start, and as a demo I understand the game is a work in progress. The incorporation of a rest area or something like that would allow the player to feel more involved and this area could incorporate the switching out of characters on the players team. You did well in creating a base, I hope to see the improvements you make to this game in the future.

good luck.

It needs more!

This game is pretty generic, there aren't
alot of fun hings about it. The sprites and
animations are cool but the overall gameplay
gets boring after the first fight. You should also
change the name of the game to something like
Fairytale Brawl. Add some story.

AlexandraArteni responds:

Thanks for you suggestion! This version of the game is Demo, it's a presentation of the game.

Credits & Info

3.15 / 5.00

Feb 24, 2018
6:58 AM EST