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Glidey Cube 1.1

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In this adventure, you play as a green cube with a face, pretty original huh? You basically just go on a joyride.

Arrow Keys: Move
Z: Pink Block Jump
R: Reset Level

If it shows a white screen reload the page. Thanks so much for playing!

Music: Paper Mario: TTYD Battle

Made it not SUPAH DUPAH fast

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I like how you accidentally made an idea while coding collision with scratch, btw the levels got really weird like passing the ideas to your little brother and he made an asshole level design, not bashing hard on it but the sliding with one tap is annoying, i know this is 2 years old and i really shouldn't care.

Got Stuck In LeveL 6! How To Complete?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

MrGalaxyFace responds:

You can press R to restart, sorry you don't like the game!

You made this with scratch? (just answering, the game is pretty cool)

MrGalaxyFace responds:

Yeah, I converted it to swf. Thats how I do all my games and stuff. If I knew how to do other coding like Unity or Gamemaker I would.

Definitely a unique idea, for sure. The gameplay however was kind of lacking, while the game only consists of 8 levels (including death tally "level"). I honestly enjoyed messing around with the gliding mechanic which is, once again, original. Not much else to say since there was not really much to talk about and play around with. Cool idea though, I can see this concept being put together well if you have the right team or if you're going solo, nice management.

MrGalaxyFace responds:

If you get a low enough death count, you unlock a few more levels

Interesting idea! Got stuck on the wall on level 4 though, gonna wanna fix that. Also the appeal sort of wears off after 5 or 6 levels. There's not really much to do except for play around with controls until you figure them out enough to jump through holes and glide through walls. Perhaps make some more exciting graphics too. I understand if you're bad at drawing, I am too. All I'm saying is right now your 'cube' is a square, you could maybe add some shade to it. A quick mid green down the left, and a slightly darker green line on the bottom would do the trick. Also some particles could be fun. Also you might wanna make sure your music isn't copyrighted.

- Interesting idea
- New features / puzzles
- Stuck on level 4
- Shade the 'cube' and make graphics more exciting
- Copyrighted music (search royalty free music)
- More levels too!

Have a nice day! :)

MrGalaxyFace responds:

If you get stuck, be sure to press R to restart. I have played and beaten all the levels. I will update the music and add shading. I cannot fix it because the mechanic exists becuase of a glitch, so I worked around that.

Credits & Info

2.50 / 5.00

Feb 23, 2018
2:04 PM EST