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The song in this video is by Death Grips from the album “Bottomless Pit” which is owned by Third World and Harvest Records. This video is purely intended to be transformative and not gain profit. And hey, don’t take anything you see in here too seriously.

Please enjoy this small tour into the depths of online depravity.


Animated and Directed by Spencer Xavier

-Twitter- https://twitter.com/spencexavier

-Instagram- rotten.pie

Newgrounds- http://spencerxavier.newgrounds.com/

Additonal Art and Concepts by Linda Mota

-Twitter- https://twitter.com/rubbbernecking

-Instagram- rubbernecking

-Newgrounds- http://linda-mota.newgrounds.com/

-Art Shop- http://rubberneck.storenvy.com/

Extra VFX by Olivia Pich

An additional very special thanks to the friends I bounced ideas off of and previewed this to. You know you are : ) : ) : )

Check out Death Grips if you haven’t yet you can find them at ThirdWorlds.net. I’ll post some additional links where you can find them.





Thank you again for your viewership. It isn’t easy making this kinda stuff and we hope we can continue to entertain you. (pssssst hire us [adult swim])!!!! : )

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this is genuinely super dope, really interesting style and making fun of just about everything wild on the internet and bringing a pointed perspective in some areas. really cool dude, would love shut the fuck up controlling crowds you're not my mom, sorry that was my mom. would love to see more though man keep it up and I'll be checkin out what's new you come out with :).

I liked the addition of sam Hyde as the shooter

It’s Death Grips so that’s a 5 for me.

I just want to say you really shouldn't take any of the bad ratings on this seriously, especially given stuff like your recent KKB video and it's overwhelmingly positive reception.

I think you know this, but it's not really about whatever you draw for the most part, but the content, and you know exactly what you're doing with the images in this and anyone who has spent enough time on the internet will recognize or know of a good chunk of what's referenced and it makes an important, or at least relevant point about the state of the internet in terms of what it is and what it always will be to some degree, regardless of how much we want to sand it down.

This IS art, and it does not deserve a 2.22 just for the content it displays and the nauseating way it does so, for this is the very point.

SpencerXavier responds:

thank you for the thoughtful response. I received a similar reception with an earlier project because it was also A-rated and I guess most people assumed it was strictly porn when it wasn't. so really I dont mind when it happens again even if I'm trying to do something more. What matters to me is that myself and the people who work with and follow me understand what I'm doing and that it got done and released. and yes with this project in particular it was just another way to vent all the frustrated disgust i feel with the state of voyeuristic media and all that. but yea sorry if i sound preachy but really do appreciate those who see this cartoon and understand what i was goin for :)

fuck whoever gave this a 2/5 that's all i gotta say