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10000 5 Points

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100000 25 Points

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Author Comments

A, D - move;
S - boost;
Esc - pause!


cool but can you add a pause button?

BigPixelLab responds:

ESC - pause button)

Pretty fun game keep up the good work.

I was at 430K points, and suddenly "Shockwave Flash has crashed". And to top it all my score wasn't even saved. Lel.

I really like the idea behind this game, though once you get into the rhythm... it gets difficult to lose. It doesn't seem to progress any faster, or the bar sink any lower, after a certain point. Just grind, grind, grind... a little intensifying pace would be good past a certain point. Also doesn't seem right that you get a 'Game Over' if you manage to bring down a row that goes all the way up to the line (for example if you drop a lava on a pile of stone you get a 'Game Over' even as you see it sinking to the bottom). Also bit long pause at the time when all rows but the bottom three are taken away - with no message or effect as to show what's going on. Just a few things I notice...

I love the gameplay otherwise, the intuitive play with elements, and the down button was a much appreciated addition! :) About the title... it's simple, but only gives the 'one side' to the elements, kind of strange name when you start thinking about it. Overall nice work, a simple but addicting idea; hope it'll be polished to the best point possible!


got to 340k, then my browser froze and I had to kill it. At the time of writing, ZomAlien also has the 100k medal without a high enough high score for that. High scores are submitted upon death, so it is likely that this user also had technical problems.

I can only assume that it was indeed your game that froze my browser. Otherwise it's an okay game. It manages to be kinda boring while still requireing constant concentration.

BigPixelLab responds:

Most likely the problem is different, I tried to optimize the game as much as possible.

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Credits & Info

2.52 / 5.00

Feb 20, 2018
1:52 PM EST
Puzzles - Other