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Incarnadine House Escape

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Author Comments

Incarnadine House Escape is a Kind of Point and click new escape game. created By zoozoogames.com
Harry has built one new incarnadine house in Los Angeles. He was so happy that he has built his new house with all his desires. On that night he went for his sleep with complete peace. Now he was locked in his new incarnadine house in his dream. He tries to wake up but could not open his eyes. He can come out of his locked dream only if he solves puzzles and find hidden objects. Help Harry to come out of his dream.
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Great game!

While I understand trying to circumvent folks simply cheating and looking up the answers, the fact that I have to physically click on EVERY ANSWER in order for the game to tell me I did it right and let me complete the puzzle literally kills this game. I could read every single hint without zooming in, so I would see an answer and then go to complete the puzzle... only to find it stubbornly refusing my CORRECT answer. All because I didn't click to zoom in on something entirely legible. If you really want to force folks to zoom in on hints and solutions for some reason, you HAVE to obscure them somehow. Maybe make them blurry as if far away, or put each solution in an envelope that the player needs to find and open. As it is, once you add in the fact that none of these are puzzles or riddles and there's nothing to figure out logically, this doesn't feel like a game. It feels like watching a video, since I have to do everything and think exactly how you want me to in the order you want me to, and I'm not allowed outside the game's strict parameters at all.

I'll admit that the art is entirely functional if uninspired, and I didn't encounter any noticeable glitches or problems clicking on things that needed to be clicked on, so from a technical perspective the game is entirely functional. It's just not all that much fun to play.

It's a solid and simple escape game with upbeat music. If you want or expect more then go purchase your games and quit knocking free online games.

The puzzles were ok enough to keep me going but nothing particularly challenging, the art work could be better, after a minute I felt very annoyed by the music, not the worse game I've played but is below the average.

I'm going to have to agree with Hesiolite here, minus the whole stealing part. This "puzzle" game is completely memory-based, requiring no real stimulation. It's a means to an end, and nothing more. Input the numbers, input the colors, collect a set of objects, collect another set, get a key. It takes two minutes as soon as you realize where the interactive areas are, which should REALLY have hot-spots by the way. I also didn't even bother to read the introduction text until I wrote this because I could tell it was unintelligent writing by just skimming it, but reading it through just proves that it's also a grammatical nightmare.

Credits & Info

2.45 / 5.00

Feb 20, 2018
5:31 AM EST