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Turn-based, but fast-paced, roguelike-game when you do not need to think over each turn and count the HP. If you see the weak – kill him! And if you see a strong man – run away, or think how to defeat him and earn experience and money.


This is a great game! TONS of fun to play even if its got a few issues. I would really like to be able to drop items from my inventory. The story is incredibly vague and I would love to know more. I can't wait to see more updates!

Since it's an alpha version, it makes sense that the controls and other small aspects still need to be worked on. It has tons of potential though, and as others have said it's very addictive. Will definitely keep checking for updates.

When it first came out, I almost voted "Blam this" for the terrible start level(base), you could walk on water ,through walls etc.....But I decided to give it a try,boy oh boy,it was a solid fun game.

I'm not into roguelike games, maybe that's why I've never seen this concept in any other games.If this is the first of this type, I can surely tell that the author and the game is going places.

I've been trying to beat this for the past 2 or 3 weeks, employing different strategy and failing miserably.But all those grinding resulted in almost a dozen "chests" in Base.

So this is how I finished.
Starting equips-Vampire dress,yellow mushrooms,4 steel swords, 2 helms, 1 eleg sword.

Abilities- shadowy>shadowy>leper>leper>leper>miner>miner>jeweller

Equips when I finished-1 vampire clock, 14 eleg swords,17 steel swords, 9 helms,5 curved swords
You will reach speed cap of 1000%(+100 for every vampire clock) very fast in this build.So skip 'speed mushrooms' entirely.Buy those only in emergency. Buy swords,helms and shields.

I used magic build mainly for grinding.[Reach levels 5,10,15 to unlock chests]

BUGS/CONFUSION- It says 4/4 ability to unlock some 3rd tier ability eg- lock-picking. How to learn 4 times when it is capped at 3.
In narrow hallways enemy strength can be hidden behind walls, Last digit was behind wall.

Give it a polish,add visual tweaks , fix bugs.Then you 'll have a wonderful little game.

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Simply addictive. Even though the game mechanics could be more fleshed out and made more user friendly, I was hooked for hours. There's room for improvement in controls, also instructions given and bugs should be fixed, like being actually able to drop items with right click which didn't function for me this time round.
With controls the movement could be made more fluent so the player needn't dash with the arrows or wasd keys and then be interrupted by the items lying around which requires using the trackpad - in my case - or the mouse. If interacting with the items could be done via keyboard that would make the experience already much more fluid. If there actually is a way of interacting with the items via keyboard then the instructions for doing that should be presented. The animation of slaying a chain of foes was spot on. The variety in choosing different abilities when leveling up is intriguing, yet somewhat lacks explanation. Or rather, I am not sure what the speed attribute could be useful for, for example. This might be a lack of experimenting with the game on my side, but if different strategies would be better explained I would know why different items and level up abilities are useful. The mechanism of opening varying floors at different stages depending on how the player has performed on previous floors is a strong plus. Those are some of my ideas after having played seamlessly for hours. All in all, I enjoyed the feel and looks of the game, it just needs some tweaking and fine tuning. I hope you will fix this one up and I would be more than willing to spend more of my time. Keep it up!

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Its so simple but its gives me so much fun,if u would need any sort of help with this game i would be glad to do so c:

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Feb 19, 2018
1:26 PM EST
Adventure - RPG