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Mistress of Maids Alpha

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Turn-based, but fast-paced, roguelike-game when you do not need to think over each turn and count the HP. If you see the weak – kill him! And if you see a strong man – run away, or think how to defeat him and earn experience and money.

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Would be a good game if it was actually playable, such as lower cost of items, less overpowered and unescapable enemies on every floor and a larger inventory space. It would also help not to put entire floors full of nothing but overpowered enemies.


I love this game but I hate itwhen I'm on level 20 something and I press 'start over' instead of 'retry'
It's really addicting, been playing for hours. The animation and artwork's pretty limited, story's non-existent, and get's waaay too slow on my pc, but none of that really matters for this. The style of this game really sucks me in. None of those cosmetic things are really necessary.
Although, one thing that I think is necessary, is to somehow optimize the movement. It takes sooo long to explore the entire room and it sucks when you have to cross empty rooms that you've already been through before by mashing the arrow keys. Maybe it's just worse because my computer's slow, but if this was somehow optimized I'd call it a 5star game(not that my opinion really matterslol).

Maybe if holding shift allowed you to hold down a direction button? I don't know.. but that's the only thing I find bugging me in this game, everything else about it is fun to me

I went alchemist/vampire btw.

Dear sir,
There is a bug. i just started playing this game and i'm stucked at floor 2 which is after i delete the shield and pass the 40 leveled monster, i met the maid in purple or pink (which i can't avoid since she doesn't move and are blocking the way) and when i approached her, this comes out:

"Go to? 0%
Retreat / Cancel"

and when i clicked on retreat, i was brought back to where it first started, and even after i got to the second floor again, i met the maid again, and this just keeps going on and on.
i read from other reviews that you only met this maid on floor 5, 10, 15 etc. and that it would bring you back to the starting level but also give you lots of treasure, but that is not what is happening when i played it since i met her at second floor, and restarting doesn't change anything.
i wish this can be fixed quickly because i really want to enjoy playing this game and then rate it with satisfaction.
love you. have a nice day~

Asides from the really slow start until you start getting some good chests in the starting zone, the only gripe i can say is that the final boss is a little bit of a let down
Other than that, i played for nearly 2 hours without realizing it. This game is addictive, if not flawed.

Pro Tip: Go Shadowy > Shadowy > Leper > Leper > Leper > Duelist > Duelist > Berserker > Vampire > Vampire > Vampire
Prioritize swords > attack speed shrooms, and try to get yourself a vampire cape as early as you can.
Other than that, pray to RNGesus for half decent spawns

It's a cool game, played it all night. Few problems I've noticed are that sometimes I'll move to pick up an item and it ends up attacking it indead. Don't know if you plan on more floors but you should and maybe a way to delete items you pick up on accident. Not sure if I am doing it wrong but there doesn't actually seem to be a way to get Jeweler 4 to get Lockpicker. Looking forwards to more updates! Will definitely get on Steam when its done.