Hideo Kojima Solid 3: Kojima Eater

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version 2.6 - I added the voices at the beginning, & some small change.
Better like that? Tell me.
Originally, I tried to do my part on MGS: Kojima Collab. But I didn't finish on time.
And 10 years later, this!
& yeah, the original animation part it's Egorkojima style.


Not Hideo Kojima links:
Youtube | https://www.youtube.com/user/supercoloroid
Deviantart | http://supercoloroid.deviantart.com/
Twitter | https://twitter.com/SuperColoroid
Tumblr | http://supercoloroid.tumblr.com/

Hideo Kojima to everyone!

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Well, I did not know that the creator himself had up to here on this page :0

Excellent animation.
Simon Belmont for Super Smash Bros when?

It's something like 2 picoseconds of animation for about 45 minutes of buildup.

I don't really get the joke tbh. Does Kojima have a reputation for taking credit for stuff other people do?

The only negative sleezeball aspect of the MGS series was Konami.

I'm gonna be as honest as I can be, hopefully I don't come off as rude.

To start, this toon has a very slow build up. Way too slow. The initial narration was good but replacing it with subtitles for almost a full minute managed to completely disengage and disinterest me for what was to come next. (Plus, at 00:09, the audio fades out too quickly and leaves us with an awkward silence) I also noticed at the very beginning of the narration audio there is someone else's voice for a split second, avoiding audio errors like that is paramount.

The Hideo Kojima being credited for nearly everything joke could work well as an opener or closer, wherever you wanted to work some credits, but that joke is simply not funny enough for the entire video to be centered around it. When you repeat it so many times, it runs dry pretty quickly. You have to understand you can only tap into a joke so many times before it becomes stale, almost annoying even. Having the video centered around that joke and making the punchline snake hitting his balls on a tree branch... just doesn't work out. They don't connect at all.

That aside, I really enjoyed your choices in character design, it's simple but interesting to look at. It reminds me of old Newgrounds cartoons, almost to a fault. I understand you may want to pay homage to the artists that came before you, but you should really try to find your own voice. If you try to be the next egoraptor/oney, you are bound to fail. Just be yourself, and animate what YOU think is funny! I've seen a little bit of your other stuff and it seems like you're on the right track. The voices in this cartoon are great too, but you should really try to work on your lip sync, it's important to get that at least semi-right. Kekeflipnote has a great tutorial on that on twitter if you're interested. I'll just link it here: https://twitter.com/Kekeflipnote/status/958327787668099072

The cartoon is 2:30 but the actual animation (not including the bonus at the end, since it's not pertinent to the cartoon itself) lasted only 30 seconds. Personally, I think this means you need to focus more on the timing aspect of your videos in the future. Timing is everything, and you really don't want to keep your audience waiting, or leave them deprived of material.

Wow, I just read in the description that this is just a part of a 10 year old NG collab, which leaves me feeling like an idiot for typing all these notes out. I'm sure you're doing much better stuff now. Carry on!

SuperColoroid responds:

Very thanks for your review, MoonCoon! Very sustancial and useful. Great feedback!

As you read it, I did the original animation in 2008 (Ow man! How old I am). It was only the part who Snake appears (inside the aircraft, jumping & kicking his balls)
Adding the initial credits & the “Hideo Kojima” joke who all the cartoon center around it was an actual work. I thought making the animation more interesting with this.

The voices Corey Holland did (the original animation part, Snake & pilot) are a great work. I tried to dub the initial text & the subtitles of the starting credits. But I wasn’t very glad with the result.
I need to improve my English pronunciation, voice acting, and buy a semi-professional microphone.
The lip-sync, I just did the mouth move when he spoke.

I thought about not putting the text too fast so people can read it without pausing the video.
The problem with this, people can read it slowly or faster. It’s something relative to each person.
But yeah, the final result of the timing... After several adjustments, I have published it in this way. As I thought it was better.

And thanks again. I will try to publish more animations that I have. Improving what I have learned to do better.
A greeting!

Hideo Kojima

SuperColoroid responds: