Panthea - leave2gether v20

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* please be aware that file size is over 100mb! If you see white screen, give game some time to load *

added 'Tommi & Casey scene' as 4th ending to 'Dorm Party' event
added scene 'Casey Helping Jack', available via coffee break chat with Jack
added special halloween event, triggered from Jack-o-lantern at the dorm bathroom (appears after 34 tech skill).
Halloween event can be triggered any day from the Jack-o-lantern (not a part of usual events)
Fixed resizing issue (finally)
Lots of spelling / old graphics small bug fixes
Added new map icons

And I was able to find save games location (for windows) for Chrome and standalone win version (will check soon for Firefox). Will add it to Technical FAQ.


"this plugin is not supported"
chromebook users cannot play this.

If you keep doing the great work that you're doing right now. i will support you on patreon! This is really nice. i never had the money to help you out but man i feel guilty having fun without supporting you. Stay awesome.

I really like the art of the game, and while male-furries aren't my kinda thing I can give it a pass for that, my real problem is that wheever I try to trigger a sexscene with anybody except Sam, the whole screen turns white and I can only see the very first text without any way to progress and end up having to restart the whole thing.

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Cheat codes for v0.20:
Open gallery: tricksorshow;
Add 10 slutiness permanently: trickyslut;
Add 2000 gold: tricksortips;
Add 10 relations: trickfriends;
Add 10 relations with Boss: justboss;
Add 10 career points: tricksatwork;
Add 10 tech points: mindtricks

This review is insanely well received!

Good work on the game, though I get increasing amounts of lag as the game goes on (I get to about day 14 and heavy stuttering starts)

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3.79 / 5.00

Feb 14, 2018
6:30 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click