Release the Midi-chlorians

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I just made this game for #MovieGameJam, and it's based on The Last Jedi. If you haven't watched the movie, this game contains major spoilers.

I keep telling myself I should stop making Flash games and learn more about Unity or else, but I guess Flash is still useful when I need to pump out something quick.

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just the sound of them made my p**s off

It was just a video I'd give you a 3 or more. That game... it was just awful.

I don1t able to move forward enter, left click is not exist. only the WASD.
What should i do? Call Chuck Norris?

Intro movie and sountrack were great and funny but when it got to the game play I kinda passed on it

As a game, I found this pretty tedious. Just kinda kept waiting to be able to do something.

Might have worked better as just an animation.

Some of the writing and voice work was KINDA funny, but never REALLY funny.