Jet Boy

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Use your jetpack to fly through mysterious platforming levels!

Controls: WASD/arrows to move, space to jump/thrust
Update: You can now use the up arrow or W to jump, fixed lots of bugs, added a less unsatisfying ending, and Level 12 is no longer evil.
This was originally made for a 48 hour game jam, but I figured I would upload it here and continue working on it. This is my first Newgrounds game so hopefully everything is set up okay :)


I hope you had fun making this game, because few will see more than half its levels.

I wasn't surprised when I saw how many reviews there were talking about the difficulty spike. I mean, level 12 is way harder than the levels before it. After level 12 things started to get really interesting. Introducing the key was a great move. I enjoyed the last level, but the moving orange background made it really difficult at first.

One thing I didn't see ANY reviews about was the sound. Those sound effects weren't great, and there wasn't any music either.

Finally, I wish there was more of a reward for beating it, like a medal.

You did a great job on this game, can't wait to see what you make next.

level 12 was impossible. it got harder. level 24 can frick off to heck

Fun game! It kept me entertained for a good 30 minutes until I got to level 16 and quit. While playing I also realized the hit boxes for the rotating red squares are a bit off. If you land close or manage to walk up the fringing edge of the square when it is upright then the corner will rotate right though you without penalty, like the corner will cover half of of the player model, I got a screenshot of it if you would like to see! Other than that and respawning too fast, great game!

Talk about difficulty spike....lvl 11 is okay, lvl 12 is just plain impossible!

El nivel 10 es muy complicado jaja, buen juego, sigue asi y tu juego ┬┤podria llegar a Steam...

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3.78 / 5.00

Feb 12, 2018
8:30 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop