Jet Boy

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Use your jetpack to fly through mysterious platforming levels!

Controls: WASD/arrows to move, space to jump/thrust
Update: You can now use the up arrow or W to jump, fixed lots of bugs, added a less unsatisfying ending, and Level 12 is no longer evil.
This was originally made for a 48 hour game jam, but I figured I would upload it here and continue working on it. This is my first Newgrounds game so hopefully everything is set up okay :)


This has potential!

Here are some notes:

.) the screenshake shows the edges of the level. either zoom in a little bit or myke your levels bigger (and scroll the cammera to the middle of the level)

.) while the physics based effectiveness of the jetpack is introduced earlier, it is only really necessary to use in level12. So i never used it bc i didnt need it, but level 12 suddenly demands me to have already mastered it.

.) additionally level 12 has a second challenge at the end, so even if i did the first hard part of the level correctly, there is another hard challenge waiting for me at the end, making this level very frustrating!
I would recommend to pace these things out over a bigger amount of levels.

.) up until level 12 the design was pretty dope!

.) if the triangle jumpy things also recharged your jetpack, it would allow for a lot more variety in level design later on!


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Up till the tenth level it wasn't so hard, but after that... challenge increases with one big gap! I lov3 the mechanics though, and the crisp graphics. The controls feel balanced, the gameplay difficulty increasing at a reasonable pace, and there's a lotta levels! All I'm wishing there was were a few medals via the NG API to really award completing *hint hint*. Great game.


Es difĂ­cil...
Anticlimactic victory end screen for such a difficult game.

I only died 694 times!

This was a fun game. I love games that are tricky and require persistence. My only complaint would be that sometimes they physics with the jetpack could be kinda wonky. But not to the point of unplayability.

I hope you had fun making this game, because few will see more than half its levels.

I wasn't surprised when I saw how many reviews there were talking about the difficulty spike. I mean, level 12 is way harder than the levels before it. After level 12 things started to get really interesting. Introducing the key was a great move. I enjoyed the last level, but the moving orange background made it really difficult at first.

One thing I didn't see ANY reviews about was the sound. Those sound effects weren't great, and there wasn't any music either.

Finally, I wish there was more of a reward for beating it, like a medal.

You did a great job on this game, can't wait to see what you make next.

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3.79 / 5.00

Feb 12, 2018
8:30 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop