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The Island - Zombie Survival Game

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Admirable Scholar 5 Points

Read the credits

Defeat 5 Points

Lose all your health and die

Getting The Hang of It 5 Points

Kill 10 zombies

Soccer Star 10 Points

Find the soccer ball and play soccer with it.

Dang 25 Points

Get through the desert

Zombie Demolition 25 Points

Kill 50 zombies

Helicopter Burgler 50 Points

Steal the helicopter to escape from the island

Pro Zombie Exterminator 50 Points

Kill 100 Zombies

Super Zombie Killer 50 Points

Kill the Super Zombie

Veteran Zombie Exterminator 100 Points

Kill 200 Zombies

Author Comments

As a commercial pilot flying for Southsouth Airlines, you are listening to the radio between flights when you hear news of a zombie apocolypse. Looking out the window, you see a group of zombies approaching your plane. You floor the gas and take off. A short while later, birds knock out your engines and you crash on a strange island.

*** Save feature only saves you high scores, not your progress ***

The Island is a zombie survival game complete with story and endless modes, leaderboards and medals. Has an autosave and autoload feature.

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WASD or Arrow Keys - Move
Mouse - Aim
Left Click - Shoot
F - Pick up guns, interact with
characters, and move between
P - Quit to Menu
M - Manually Save


Have fun!

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I have found a bug, i can't get past the intro it's stuck on the part where it shows what happened to your plane or the part where it shows you crashing.

It’s an okay game, I would say.

I would say it’s an okay game, but it could use a lot of work and time to have some potential.
Here are my main complaints:
You can’t run that fast (some zombies run better then you…).
You can’t see very well in the dark (if you stay in the area for too long).
Opening the black package or crate (you must go near it and press f, if your crosshair is at the crate).
You can’t open those wooden boxes..
You can’t have a save file in this game…
No melee weapons to use, when you run out of ammo…
No medic kits to heal yourself.
You can’t get bullets in unreachable places such as water, walls, objects (such as a bed), and the terrain in the desert, when it rolls.
I would say the most difficult to get was the soccer ball due to glitch on the bottom level, when it was super zombie to kill, and avoiding large hordes of zombies after a short period of time, especially in the desert.
Here are the glitches that I found in the game:
In the desert level, after you run out of ammo on your pistol, you can’t reload your pistol and you’re stuck (unless you get the assault rifle), but the item is up north after you head upwards on the third area
In the bottom level you’re stuck, the only way to bypass this is that, you have walk out of the game’s border screen, head to your right, go down but stay near the bridge until you reached the land, and then go southwest to where the citizen is (just up north of the citizen, not near him, to where the up arrow is).
Controls of W, A, S, D and arrow keys sometimes don’t work on when you move, and you shoot at the same time.

Well that’s what I have to type, it’s not a bad game, but it could do a lot better to make it an enjoyable game that anyone can play.

jamesanimations responds:

Thanks for the honest review. I just screwed up on this game and published it in a rush, without playtesting. At least from this project I learned that I should do playtesting.

I found a bug: after getting the id and the gun I walked over a wooden bridge on the bottom of the screen then I found myself on the bridge but I could not cross it (the carachter was stopping in the middele of the bridge), so I went beck but the view remained on the bridge, while the character was walking on the island and I couldn't get him back

jamesanimations responds:

Thank you for pointing that out. Bug has been fixed.

I guess I am not following the game's anticipated actions, bugs galore, sad.