Pixo's Land (DEMO)

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In the land of Fizzora , All of the lands Sodas from the soda fountain have been strung about the world, Now Pixo must adventure to find them all and restore them to there rightful place in the great gallery! With 50 sodas to collect and 7 places to explore you will surely go on a grand adventure.

Pixo's land took over 4 months to develop, and is a sequel to my Newgrounds game under the name Battery Effecient. Although this game is way different from it's original counterpart it will surely give you a good experience.

This is the playable demo which only allows you to explore 2 of the 7 locations in this game. So maybe consider buying it, I will link it at the bottom of this.

Thank you to everyone who played the orignal one, played this demo and the people who are going to buy this game, it means the world to me :)

W - Jump
A - Left
D - Right
S - Duck
Spacebar - Sprint + Interact

(Gamepad) [Dosn't work in Demo]
D Pad - Movement
A - Jump
Right Bumper - Sprint + Interact

BUY THE FULL GAME NOW! : https://leviramirez.itch.io/pixos-land


I crashed the game by jumping up and pressing spacebar to speed up afterwards, but instead started a conversation and then couldn't do anything after landing.

weird collectible. Yo know what that is. But great game and nice fluid controls.

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...I found an anti rape condom soda?
Seriously pretty fun though.

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Dialog pops up and there's no way to move past it.

LeviRamirez responds:

You have to press the same button you dash with, with a keyboard it's spacebar

This is a game that belongs in Nintendo! It's just so creative and the graphics are pleasant.

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3.28 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2018
3:10 PM EST
Adventure - Other