Sonic 2 Act 02

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Conclusion to my Sonic 2 short. This was the most time consuming of my Soinc shorts, been working on it about 2 months on and off in some bits of my spare time. I wouldn´t be able to calculated that in full days though.

Please check out episode 01 here



Despite the lack of color, you've managed to create something very enjoyable. The frame-by-frame's great; realizing the monochrome's the manga art style. I give a five because I think you've really captured what you're going for. Thanks for sharing :)

Flaxor responds:

Thanks a lot! I really appreciate the thought you put into this review! I had a blast animating all those fast paced bits. When animating I really was looking to push the camera a little bit more than what I had storyboarded, even if that meant spending longer on each scene.
Only wish I had infinate spare time to clean up the roughness of the lines and put Sonic somewhat more on model while ironing out poses, adding frames etc.

oh my god this is amazing

Flaxor responds:

Why thank you good sir! :)

Hotdog, its a hedgehog.

Flaxor responds:

Hedgehog, it´s a hotdog! Thanks for the review! :)

Dude this is actually pretty good, you should honestly just line and color it. The animation looks amazing

Flaxor responds:

Thanks a lot! I guess I should eventually get round to it, though I´d like to first make shorts based on Sonic 3 and knuckles as a way of completing the quadrilogy.

Dang, your Sonic has some fancy tricks to make Robuttnick's badies go down hard! Especially riding the Rocket first back surfer style! I just wish you'd shown Sonic making the landing on the Tornado, one of the best moments of the game!

Flaxor responds:

Hey thanks a lot man, really digging the enthusiasm! :)
If I ever get round to tidying these shorts up I could add ancouple of dramatic scenes at the end of Tails catching Sonic on the plane.

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Feb 9, 2018
8:39 AM EST