The Lost Strawberry X-mas edition

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* X/Z/C - jump (you can also double jump, when you touch bulbs)
* Arrows - move
* Tab - change palette

This is an updated for my last LD jam game - The Lost Strawberry. Many things were changed:

* All levels were remade (now the game has 30 levels, and they are much more simple)
* The boss was removed
* Added many new mechanics
* Added the fourth color
* Added hats (aka skins)
* Removed story
* Now you can switch palette with tab
* Now you can jump and dash with Z/C/X!

Inspired by Celeste, Spelunky, and Terraira.
The game was made in the December, but published here only now. You can find the publish date and more info on itch.io:



It's funny to read comments with half a star!!!! They don't known what's a real retro game...They are so accustomed to only swipe the screen of there smartphone with one finger!

I like this game, hard to play, but very well designed!

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egordorichev responds:

Thanks a bunch for such kind of words :)

For all those stuck at the first jump: It's not a long jump. It turns out holding UP if you're perfectly aligned with a background candy cane will climb it (just dont have horiztonal momentum, as holding up wont "stick" you to the ladder, so if youre still moving sideways you'll just slide right off without noticing you started climbing).

Game alternates between parts that are too easy and then frustrating deaths from unintuitive things (hey you can climb some things in the background that look like decorations, hey if you touch the flat side of a block that has vertical spikes on the top, you'll be pushed on top and die, etc).

The controling/mechanics are fine though

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First jump is impossible.

time 20:44


19 berries

I love the difficult jumps, the art style is amazing great color scheme and it reminds me of old gameboy games. the jump mechanics were difficult as FUCK to get down at first and i totally left tthe game and came back. it was a super fun game and you should totally do more like this. more screens like this would be awesome, more console oriented style even, i think this game format is worthy although there might be some tweaking to do at that stage

egordorichev responds:

Nice, GG! Thanks for playing!

The first jump over the very first spike pit in the game is impossible to clear. Your character doesn't jump far enough to clear it nor do you get double-jump or "air jump" at that point (unsure if you get that later or not)

Actually test your games before releasing them, please.

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3.12 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2018
6:26 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle