AnExcuseOfGame - Early version V0.39b - Mostly back-end changes. "inf" for tooltips in town.

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Hello guys!

What's An Excuse of game?
It's a town management, party management game with turn-based combat. Where the turns are decided in a system like Grandia and Child of Light.
Here your focus is create a strong team to defeat the big baddies of the game.

Small explanation of game mechanics:
Skills and weapons: https://imgur.com/I0l66Gu
Town explanation: https://imgur.com/a/9xB4U

I hope with that links the game isn't as confusing.

v0.39b- Scrolling bar in the skills in combat.
v0.39 - "Inf" button for tootips in town, completing a mission don't create new missions on the billboard. Change in the backend in the missions, In this version said changes have almost no impact in the game.
v0.38 - Added tooltip with short description of the skill in combat.
v0.37b- Fixed bug where characters were doing too little damage
v0.37 - New skills, new weapon types, revamp in the skill system. Tutorial in line with new skills.
v0.36 - Auto-resolve not balanced at all but a start.
V0.35 - Academy working and rework in how the GUI is.
V0.34 - Fullscreen implementation part 1

So here's the deal guys: I'm thinking in focusing the game more in the town building and dropping the combat part. That way the game can go deeper and be focused ONLY in building your town, building your team and sending them into missions. Missions would be autoresolved, but in a way better system thant it's in place.

I wanted to know, What you guys think? Please leave feedback.

And as aways if you like what you see consider following us here and supporting us at patreon.com/divinorium


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2.76 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2018
10:19 PM EST
Strategy - Other