Kill Da Guy 2

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Da guy is back in more fun filled levels! Kill da guy on each level to proceed to the next!

Kill Da Guy was a game I made during a Pico-Day stream 2 or 3 years ago for the people on the stream to play, it ended up getting way too popular as a ton of random sites copied the SWF file over, and more and more people started playing it. Kill Da Guy 2 improves on the original game by a lot, but I lost interest while working on it a while back. I hope you guys enjoy the game, I have a actually really good new game I'm working on currently that will probably come out sometime this year, so stay tuned for that!

Thank for viewing my stuff! :)



Games's good.. But it's short so yea....
But... I know how to get all medals!
1. Keys
Literally just press a arrow key.
2. Scream!!!
Press the scream button 100 times in "Da Guy's Mind."
3. The Speed
Quickly click on the red text.
4. Dogs
Just click on all the hot dogs in the game.
5. Shields
Destroy all the shields, seriously.

badges are hard to find for me

A really nice game, I just couldn't find one medal. OK, I'm going to play Kill Da Guy now


For medals use arrow keys to get one medal. Click all the hotdogs in the game for another medal. In credits section click the red sentence in the bottom fast for another medal. In space invaders destroy all the shields completely for another medal. Couldn't find the last medal and I have OCD please help :(

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3.35 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2018
4:50 PM EST
Puzzles - Other